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Stratton Mountain Vermont Report, December 2008

The Winter Season is ON in the Mountains!

Stratton Mountain Report, December 3, 2008

by Lauren Traub Teton

If you're waiting for more terrain to open before you have your first on-snow mountain experience this winter, you are missing OUT!! I rode Stratton Monday and Tuesday this week. They claim the highest percentage of open terrain now and we did not feel the least bit deprived. The ratio of skiers and riders on the hill to acreage was strongly in our favor. The late session Monday found me nearly alone on the mountain. You would have to wait a while for a chair mate if you didn't want to ride Ursa chair alone.

Having the mountain to yourself is the dream of every slider, and yet it’s so easily attainable by going before Christmas on a weekday or many other off-peak times. Play hooky! Spend a vacation day. You’d stay home if you were contagious, why not skip work for your health before you get sick?

Tuesday we got to experience an afternoon snow shower; the trails were fast and natural, not corduroy, as snow flakes pelted our eyes accelerated by our speed and the wind. The riding was challenging and exhilarating as I rode with my pack of locals who get to ride Stratton Mountain almost every day because of their work. They even know how to hit two different terrain parks on one run down, by doing a bit of extreme trail crossing. Beware the natural roller coaster of ice that leads into the smaller terrain park trail, it's a feature all on its own.

We heard in the Stratton Snow Phone Report, done on Tuesdays with style and gusto by our friend Will Risely, that the way to get the SES Park Pass now is to watch the safety video here and take the test at home, instead of in the cozy igloo at the top by the park as in days of old. We were amazed and admiring when Stratton started the SES terrain park safety certification a few years ago, and we wrote about it on our main website where you can browse our original articles and photos about our favorite subject - snowboarding! - for hours.

The Stratton Mountain Inn is being spruced up nicely, starting with the far wing past the sauna and spa. We always like checking out the sauna there for some after-riding relaxation and stretching. We pray to see new carpeting on the stairs leading to the spa area soon. The Stratton Mountain Inn has such nice kind employees. They made sure I got my cell phone back when I left it on the table in front of the lobby fireplace (it helps that my name and contact info were pasted on it). And they even heated up my soup for my thermos as a special favor.

Nice new green carpeting was installed at the Stratton Mountain Welcome Center at the base on Monday. Our friends in Central Reservations tell us the Lift Line Lodge is popular with budget-conscious travelers because it is the closest motel to the mountain and also the least expensive. It’s just across the street from the Welcome Center and the base. Mulligan's pub seems to have a new trimmed down one-page list of offerings instead of the 2 fold menu. Their apple sundae went down smooth and delicious after a shared steak dinner. We hear that the old Foggy Goggle has re-opened recently as the Three Peaks Inn, with reasonably priced rooms, and good food.

The shops in Stratton Mountain's walking Village at the base are chock full of styly clothes, gear, jewelry, and there is a new outdoor barbecue and chairs outside restaurant wine/bar Domaine where the food is prepared by Perfect Wife (Manchester) chef Amy Chamberlin. We also hear there is a Monday snowboarders bbq of burgers and fun in a glade between trails, arranged by some savvy fun-seeking Stratton employees.

Back in Stratton Village, we did a fashion video shoot there (which you can see soon) outside the new Burton Store which takes the spot where Syd and Dusty's used to dwell. Syd and Dusty's is across the walkway a little closer to the Clock Tower. Shout out to Joe and Nicole at the Burton Store who helped us out with the shoot. Watch for Snow Fashion video to see what peeps are really wearing out there this season.

Jim Cardenali’s race camp for skiers is going on at Stratton again this week. Things are done seriously right, to yield quick results for motivated ski racer adults at this camp, starting with the fitting of the proper boots and skis. The Carving Arena by Reliable Racing uses short colored brushes as gates for some of the carving exercises at the camp. Jim Cardenali’s Race Camps are filled each session by word of mouth of past happy campers. One of his mottos is "if you're thinking, you're not skiing. Let the skis do their job."

If you would like to try out the Carving Arena and improve your riding or skiing on your own equipment so that you can face any trail in the East under just about any conditions, the newly formed American Carving Assn (ACA) is for you. Come learn the East Coast Survival Carve and take it up a notch on the hill Three weekend camps are scheduled. You will have fun and improve your skills and confidence. Grown-ups and Twifties welcome! Dates and locations are:
Jan 23 - 25 at Killington Resort, VT
March 6 - 8 Sugarbush Ski Resort, VT
March 27- 29 Stratton Mountain Ski Resort, VT Info at

As I travel home on Route 91 South, I have found that Greenfield MA, Exit 26 at Route 2 west fulfills all of my traveling needs in the first 1/4 mile off the Interstate. There you can find gas, two budget motels if you need to break up you trip north or south, a 99 Restaurant, which is Massachusetts own home-grown steak chain, (I spent a summer working at one of the original 99s in Sudbury. MA). And Friendly’s, also of MA from Wilbraham. This particular Friendly's is one of the nicest units you will visit. Clean, with a pleasant ambience and nice people. They prepare me a super healthy steamed veg and mashed potato platter for $5.64. When I'm hungry I sometimes eat two plates of these perfectly cooked colorful vegetables, after a day of snowboarding.

Snowboarders Trip - Annual All America Snowboard Trip to Winter Park, CO

Come Ride with Us! This ground package for Winter Park, Colorado take place February 11-15, 2009 and includes 4 lodging nights, at a motel convenient by free shuttle bus to the slopes, a 3-day lift ticket, several meals, and parties.

Organizer Lauren Traub Teton concocted the idea for this trip after signing up for ski trips and finding herself the only snowboarder in the group. "I love riding with skiers, but I want to have a trip where I can hang out and have fun with snowboarders, who share the same snow culture as me!" says Teton.

The trip is open to snowboarders of all ages and levels, including absolute beginners. Twifties, the fun people in their 50’s and up are specifically invited. The trip is a great way for first-timers to start out in a supportive atmosphere, and parents to try snowboarding. Also great for people who want to travel to snowboard but whose friends or family can't accompany them. Skiers are of course welcome but will be a minority.

Info and sign-up at

Ms.Teton, editor of says "we had a great time last year and rode some steeps, and some powdery glades. I think two of our guests who met in WP got engaged after the trip." Photos here.

Info and sign-up at


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TGR's New York City Film Premiere 2008

TGR's New York City Film Premiere 2008, and other Snowboard News

by Lauren Traub Teton

Teton Gravity Research's latest snow film “Under the Influence” premiered in NYC on Saturday, November 15 at Club Prime to a packed house of hundreds: mostly skiers and some snowboarders. The raffle stoked the crowd and the movie hushed them with awe. Big mountain riding is the order with TGR movies and the first scene is absolutely sick, with athletes being dropped by heli onto a wedge of mountain top that looks like the little sharp pointy curl at the top of your soft ice cream cone, then riding down.

We waited patiently and finally half way through we saw our first snowboarder part with Gigi Ruf. Victoria Jealouse rode like the star she is and looked lovely to boot. Why such a teensy part for the only fem rep in this film? Jeremy Jones, Big Mountain Rider is inspiring as one of the fathers of this genre and says in the film that the first time he rode Alaska he KNEW he had to make it part of his life. Not to be confused with the rail rider of the same name, this JJ rides for Rossignol and is brother of TGR founders Todd and Steve Jones. Jeremy has changed his color scheme this time around from his classic red jacket to yellow green. We like the red, so we can always spot him.

Kudos to Jeremy as founder of POW – Protect Our Winters, a united front for winter sports enthusiasts to raise awareness and funds to protect the environment from warming To see his million dollar smile, which you don't see in the movie, click here.

Back to the film, 18 year old skier Sammy Carlson amused us with his twin tip antics as much as any snowboarding rail rider. We love when he rode UP the stair rail and roof instead of cooperating with gravity the usual way.

After the flick, non-dancers filtered out and the late night crowd filtered in for dancing with smoke and lights. The TGR road crew under fearless leader (and former East Coaster) Dave Hudackso packed up the movie screens and gear in 5 minutes flat.

Models Made

Shout out to our pals at Emilio's Ski and Snowboard Shop in Queens, the oldest (and hippest) snow shop in the Boroughs for their work on this party. We worked with them last year for the successful Blur Tour Snowboard Film Premiere Party we threw down…town. Emilio's put on a rocking snowboard fashion show for us with special guest models Yale Cousino and his sister Amber Rood who have both since started successful modeling careers after that auspicious start!

New East Coast Film in the Works from Never Enough Entertainment

The East Coast film we showed last year at the party: ' Blur", by young Maestro Tom Vayianos will be followed by a new offering next season, tentatively titled "Breathe.” Tom's Huckfest Productions has a fresh new name too: Never Enough Entertainment. Watch for big things from them.

Kevin Corcoran now at Rossignol Snowboards

In other related news, our good bud Kevin Corcoran has landed a great gig for all concerned, working with Rossignol Snowboards and is excited to bring them together with activities and promotions he is currently working on. Such as his TV segments for the Weekly Events Report on The Mountain Report which is seen nationwide on Fox Sports, NY and NESN. Kevin will be creating a new grassroots campaign in New England to support and promote the retail sales of Rossignol Snowboards in shops.

Video Parks, Crotched Mountain and Mount Snow

Rossi will be a sponsor for Kevin’s brainchild – the Video Parks at Crotched Mountain, NH and new this year, one at Mount Snow, VT. Both Peak Resorts who are mad for making snow! If you don’t know about Video Park, you should because it’s been one of the coolest (in EVERY way!) under-the-radar local pro events for the last 2 winters. The mountains make a park with wild features including oil tanks and fire, and invite riders and their film crews to film the craziness under the lights. Crotched will be open to the public ‘til 3am that night as part of their seasonal Midnight Madness. Though I can tell you that if you’re out riding past 2am like I was, you can have the hill to yourself.

Video Park
dates will be posted on and and

Crotched Mountain’s site says Crotched Mountain is operated with love by Peak Resorts and if you know the crew there like we do, you know it’s true! Hey Chris and Craig. With a name like “Crotched” you gotta love it!

Winter Dew Tour

We’re all excited about the brand new Winter Dew Tour which will be the biggest East Coast Event this season with a total purse of $1.5 over three events. Jan 8-11 at Mount Snow. More to come on that…

Learn to Carve This Winter!
New organization formed to teach carving to snowboarders and skiers.

Snowboarders can wear soft boots or hard. Learn the East Coast Carve. with elbow on the snow, as performed by Ron "the Carvefather" Maita.

American Carving Association weekend events are scheduled so far for

Jan 23 - 25 at Killington Resort, VT
March 6 - 9 Sugarbush Ski Resort, VT
March 27- 29 Stratton Mountain Ski Resort, VT

We expect to have day clinics at Belleayre Mountain, NY.
Discounts on workshops if you sign up before Dec. 1 at

Props to Reliable Racing of Queensbury, NY for donating the Carving Arena slalom set-up, and to the other sponsors: RadxSports,,, Xocai Chocolates, and Snowboard & Sport Wrist Guards,

For More Info Contact:

Lauren Traub Teton, Director of Public Relations
American Carving Association

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Burton Movie Tour - Burton Party - Boston

Burton Movie Tour - Burton Party - Boston October 2008

by Lauren Traub Teton

It's Always Snowing Somewhere

Boston - Saturday night October 18, 2008 saw the kick-off of Burton's new snowboard movie "It's Always Snowing Somewhere” in Boston, at uber entertainment club Jillian's near Fenway Park. The third floor was commandeered to hold hundreds of guests for the party and the space had plenty of room for bowling, couch-sitting and mingling in the front. Pool shooting and dancing went down in the back room under the steady party vibes of renowned Vermont DJ Russell from Lotus Entertainment in Burlington.

The underage part of the crowd was welcomed for an early autograph signing session with Burton Global Team riders including the Swiss crew of Nicolas Mueller and Fredi Kalbermatten. Other Global riders in attendance who are rarely seen on the East were Heikki Sorsa of Finland, and Natasza Zurek, and Mikey Rencz, both of British Columbia.

Holding it down with his usual East Coast stee-ehz was suave rail rider Yale Cousino. We hear Yale's doing some modeling and it's all in the family as his gorgeous sister Amber Rood is also breaking into the biz in LV, AND Yale's girlfriend Brooke Werner is appearing in a 2 page Burton ad featuring Nico M. inside the cover of the new December TWS. We wish a healthy and successful season to all these riders and models.

People actually did get to bowl with the snowboard stars, like in some new wacky but cool television reality series. Nicolas Muller is a pretty serious bowler it turns out, having grown up in Zurich. When I said "hey, you were snowboarder of the year" to him, he pointed out that he garnered that title TWICE, in 2006 and 2008! I really have to catch up on reading my snowboard mags. I guess I thought both those issues were from the same year. Btw, you pronounce his first name the French way, with no "s" on the end - Nicola. And his last name has an umlaut (2 dots) over the “u” but when the software doesn’t have an umlaut sometimes you’ll see his name spelled “Mueller.”

Fredi Kalbermatten hails from Saas Fee where I was privileged to see him ride way back in Sumer 2003 when someone pointed him out to me with local pride as I attended Nitro Snowboard Camp in the Pearl of the Alps. This tour was his FIRST time bowling and he was a game sport about it. Jillian's Lucky Lanes have auto scoring so that part's a snap. They'll even serve you food and drink right at the lanes. Hey wipe those greasy chicken nugget and french fry fingers next time before you pick up the red bowling ball, huh?

Liam Griffin who runs the events for Burton is a mad bowler, very serious about it. Yale Cousino has bowled a lot in the past and once he found out that the scoreboard posts radar bowling ball speed, he was intent on setting the lane speed record for a bowling ball. He’s so competitive. Check out his 29.25 mph speed

in the photo! And notice the pink bowling ball with the crack in it that resulted. It's actually a malted milkball inside there, just as you always suspected. And notice who won the game! Tom Vayianos of Huckfest Productions and director of last year’s “Blurred” bowled with us. He’s doing great at Emerson College. Josh Hudson and Erin, the Eco Architect rounded out our team.

Swag and raffle prizes were flying heavy and often under the capable bestowment of MC and Burton rep sans egal Brandon Halberstadt. Don't let that NH address fool you, he's from Massachusetts, like this reporter. In fact he spent early years living in the town that hosts one of the funnest little snowboard and ski hills outside of Boston, Nashoba Valley. I spent many sunny weekday afternoons learning to snowboard here, just a short ride from my ancestral home of Framingham. Brandon's bio bro/brah Billy Halberstadt was in attendance. He's a ski racer and was hanging with the crew from East Coast Alpine who were a very fun bunch to hang and dance with by the pool tables. Shoutout to Matt Beck, also on the Burton rep team – we missed you.

Behind all those that are behind this bash are the brains behind it all - Chris Copley. Known to every snowboard shop and shop kid in New England past and present, Chris is the guy that makes it all happen for Burton in the Northeast. Thanks Chris and all for a great party!


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Lauren at the Burton Party -------------------------------------Danny Kass wears Flexmeters!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Grenade FilmTour for "The Boned Age"

Snowboard Film Party Season is Back!

by Lauren Traub Teton

The Grenade Film Premiere Tour for "The Boned Age" hit Boston last Wed. night, September 24, 2008 at Revolution Rock Bar on High St. With little local advance notice the turnout was on the light side, but it just made for more face time with Danny Kass, The Dingo, Sketchy D., and Lucas "Gooner" Magoon, as they mingled before and after the film in and near the land of their roots.

We somehow missed one of the first parties of the season in the East, the Rome Party in Boston last week. Their 2 outdoor parties at Timber Ridge in Vermont last season were extreme, and we an vouch for the fact that they know how to throw a party. (Rome Londonderry Pop Festival
Rome World Quarter Pipe Comp 2008

Check out regularly, where we post the parties and events as we hear about them so you don't miss a thing.

The Boned Age

The latest Grenade film, named as homage to another film, "The Stoned Age" actually contained more liquor references, and had a cute goofy plot line that was written by Danny Kass and his friends as an excuse for them to try out some acting and have guest cameo performances, between awesome snowboard tricks.

First scene, Danny driving with Scotty Lago who is seen wearing a long bad women's red wig for some reason, (maybe he's playing the role of Danny's date? No, he says he's his brother) while they try to figure out what to do that night. This scene has been played out millions of times with young people all over America and the world. Maybe even by you back in the day! Or now!

Dave England dominates as the page-boyed blond liquor store employee, dancing and diving behind the counter and totally chewing the scenery. The Dingo looks marvelous and happy in his green dress and glasses playing Gabe Taylor's mom, encouraging Gabe to get out of the house and go hang with wild Lucas Magoon.

The film's snowboard shots all occur on the most beautiful bluebird days. Featured in the film besides Danny and Sketchy D are : Benji Ritchie, Gabe Taylor, Zack Leach, Kyle Clancy, Chad Otterstrom, Lane Knaack and Travis Rice.

Lucas Magoon gets my Best Trick Award for riding a long wooden stair rail and cleanly jumping across to the opposite rail mid-ride. It was one of those surprises that makes the audience gasp. Watch carefully because if you blink you'll miss it.

Synchronized halfpipe riding is shown, and causes fantasies of a new Olympic sport that we'd love to see! Scotty Lago had the wrap-up starring role at the end of the film with heavy beats and is also seen chasing a herd of elk on foot, fortunately without a weapon.

The East Coast tour continues with one more stop this Tuesday at Santo's Party House in NYC Tuesday night (Sept. 30). Then the crew is off to the UK, Korea, and Japan, where they are met at the airport by screaming teens, like in the old days of the Beatles (if you know who they are.) Danny Kass's fashion forecast for this season and next include "Mad Plaids" and a little denim this year, with a lot more denim to come next season.

"The Adventures of Danny and The Dingo”

Tuesday Sept. 30 day is also the kickoff of the new TV show on Fuel called “The Adventures of Danny and The Dingo," shot a couple of seasons back on the Grenade Strikes Back Tour, and since Danny and his crew are always lots of fun to watch we're re-upping our Fuel TV subscription for this.

The series begins at the X Games, as Danny, The Dingo and the rest of the Grenade crew cram themselves into a 30’ RV for the “Grenade Strikes Back” Tour. They head for the mountains in search of riders, inviting only the freshest talent to compete in the Grenade Games. When they’re not on their boards, the team manages to get into all kinds of trouble. Cameras are rolling as they drive a hotel manager over the edge, attempt to eat nothing but frozen pizza rolls, and play a practical joke with a permanent punch line at the tattoo parlor. The season finale wraps up at the Grenade Games, as the team judges the finalists they met on the road and awards the winner with a spot on the Grenade Team and his own signature piece of Grenade gloves.

NYC Grenade Party Update

October 1, 2008

The Grenade "Boned Age" film premiere took place last night at Santo's Party House on Lafayette in the NYC. It was a veritable Who's Who of pre-season East Coast stoke. Shayne Pospisil, Michael Cohen, Randy Hoose of Hunter Mountain, Jon Callahan of Launch Snowboards, and our two most arty stylish snowboard pals: Justin Maury and Luke Love (no lie!) were among those present.

Representing Grenade were Danny Kass, The Dingo, Sketchy D, Lucas Magoon, and Kevin Casillo who held it down at the door. Danny was seen sporting his brand new Flexmeter wrist guard for skating (they're designed by a doctor!) on his right arm, and a black cast on his left arm. Let's hope the new Flexmeter prevents any more need for casts!

Check out regularly, where we post the parties and events as we hear about them so you don't miss a thing.

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Gathering of the Vibes Festival August 2008

Gathering of the Vibes Festival held July 31 to August 3, 2008

Seaside Park, Bridgeport, CT

Reported by Dusty, special guest journalist

As is the case with any good trip, set and setting are critical, and there’s no better setting for a festival than Bridgeport’s Seaside Park, home of this year’s Gathering of the Vibes (GOV) festival.

The beautiful location on the bay lends a bit of a Monterey Pop feel to the event. At night, dimly lit private boats line the bay behind the stage – not a bad way to spend an evening. An endless passagiatta of strollers walk the beach and boardwalk, simultaneously entertaining and being entertained.

Saturday’s torrential downpour, and Wavy Gravy’s spectacular job as emcee and house jester, lent a Woodstock feeling to the event. Wavy was in fine form this year, as always, entertaining the masses with stories from his five decades as hippie Icon Emeritus.

The music started Thursday night, highlighted by an awesome set from the Dark Star Orchestra. With me, what’s important is not necessarily which music was on Thursday night, which was outstanding, but the fact that there’s any music at all. The promoters could have easily stuck with the three-day format, but no…they want to give you an extra party day and for you to be aurally entertained even when arriving and getting comfortable on Thursday, and when leaving.

On a personal note, nighttime, pre-festival music always brings fond memories for me of having had the good fortune to have been front and center at Watkins Glen ‘73 for “the greatest sound check of all time,” when the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers and the Band took a look at the crowd estimated at 600,000, and played an improvised all night set that was considered the high point of the entire weekend..

Early Saturday morning at GOV, it appeared we were in for another beautiful day…not! We got hit with a late-morning storm complete with lots of thunder, wind, and dangerously close lightning strikes. Of course, this was soon followed by the obligatory dance of the mud people, mud-grooving to Taj Mahal.

Despite the inclement weather, people come to GOV to have a great time, and they’re not likely to let a little (or a lot) of rain interfere with that mission. We can’t remember a GOV in the last 4 years that didn’t have some rain. In fact we can’t remember any multi-day music fest around NY state since we’ve been going to them that hasn’t had a bit of rain.

The site is ringed by a circle of eclectic merchandise and food vendors, so there’s plenty of opportunities for hippie retail therapy during breaks in the performances. I swear the promoters must interview the food vendors as carefully as they choose the musical lineup. On Friday night, after a hot day of grooving, I lustfully and with great anticipation perused the multitudinous culinary offerings, before settling down to a masterfully prepared steak kabob pita and well-done, hand-cut French fries done to perfection, which tasted as good as they sound, particularly with background music provided the Black Crowes.

I could easily fill this space with reviews of the performers, each of whom put on an inspired show. How could you not play a great set in this magnificent location, at a gig called the Gathering of the Vibes.

The Bridgeport locals seem to be having as good a time as any of the concertgoers. On my nightly walk through the surrounding neighborhood back to my car, I passed dozens of homes where the occupants were out on their porches grooving to the music live and as broadcast on WPKN.

While I would have driven a few hundred miles to attend this event, it doesn’t hurt that it takes place a few miles from my Westchester county abode. I can’t wait till next year. Regardless of where GOV is held, I’ll be there for sure.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stomp Pad Question

Question to

Q. My name is Dan and I'm looking to get a used snowboard off craigs list. But it doesn't have a stomp pad. If you do need one on a ski lift, how much is it? Thanks
Daniel J.

A. A stomp pad is $10 to $15 and is a convenience to help prevent slipping of your back foot when you get off the lift and the back foot it isn't buckled into the board. It should be placed so when your back foot is on the stomp pad it's right up against the inside of your back binding, so you're solid. Lots of more "hard core" riders don't use them.
I think they are handy and good. Stomp pads online here.


By the way, you might enjoy subscribing to the Snowboard Szine, where I write about...
You can sign up on any page of in the bar at the top right.
best regards,

Monday, July 14, 2008

Snowboard into a Bubbly Pool of Water in Lake Placid

or Watch Top Snowboarders and Skiers Do it for Your Entertainment, Summer Wednesdays and Saturdays in Lake Placid, NY

by Lauren Traub Teton

Ride Your Snowboard into the Pool
Ever ride down a ramp on your snowboard, do an aerial trick, and land in a 750,000 gallon swimming pool with bubbles to aerate and soften the landing?

That’s how the snowboard instructors of PSIA were trained at the Lake Placid NY pool complex in summer 2007. The clinic was one way for them to earn the credits they need toward their certification and the Professional Ski Instructors of America clinic will be held again this year September 15 & 16, 2008 at the pool. If you're in PSIA and want to join the pool group in September contact Melissa Skinner in Albany, NY at 518-452-6095 x107.

Here’s the big Snowboard Secret: the jump complex pool is open to individuals and sanctioned groups for this kind of jump and pool training as long as it is arranged in advance. So even you may have the opportunity to do some summer snowboard jump training if you are so inclined!

Watch Snowboard and Ski Rock Stars Throw Tricks in the Summer on Wednesdays and Thursdays

Even if riding down the dry-slope ramp and immersing yourself and your snowboard boots in the pool is not your idea of fun, there’s a lot of spectator excitement to be had at the Olympic Jumping Complex in Lake Placid as world class winter athletes train for next season. Some competitors soar from the breathtaking 90 meter ski jump, while others plunge into the 750,000 freestyle pool throwing tricks usually only seen in top competitions. Imagine watching these winter sports in the comfort of shorts and tee shirts!

Though summer training is serious business to these athletes, they do let their hair down for the entertainment of visitors to the jumping complex. Into October, snowboarders. ski jumpers, aerial skiers, mogul skiers, and freeriders train daily at these sites, operated by the NewYork Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA).

As part of this summer and fall action, ORDA presents Wet and Wild
Wednesday and Soaring Saturday when these young fliers throw down for the
masses in competitions and exhibitions. Weekly events in both activities
continue through August 20. Imagine watching winter sports like ski jumping
and freestyle skiing in the comfort of shorts and tee shirts as riders slide
down a ramp on skis and then launching up to 60 feet in the air,
executing various spinning and twisting tricks.

The best way for visitors to experience this Olympic region is with the Olympic Passport. Just $29 buys entry into the Olympic Jumping Complex, including the elevator to the skydeck on top of the 120m jump tower, the Olympic Sports Complex, home of the world class combined bobsled/luge/skeleton tracks, and a tour of the facility.

Also included are a Scenic Gondola Ride to the top of Little Whiteface and access to the summit, castle and look-out point via the Whiteface Mt. Veterans Memorial Highway. And the1932 and 1980 Lake Placid Winter Olympic Museum. Plus discount coupons for a bobsled ride, Gold Medal Adventure, "Be a Biathlete", photos and more. The Passport is good for one year after purchase in case you don’t fit everything into the first visit.

Visiting Beautiful Lake Placid

Lake Placid is a mountain lake resort town nestled in the High Peaks region of the Adirondack Mountains. You can easily imagine you are in a Swiss or Italian lake village and life is just as sweet. It was home to the 1980 Olympics, which included the astounding defeat of the Russian Hockey team by the Americans, that became known as the Miracle on Ice. The 1932 Olympics were also hosted here, making it the (only) town to host 2 Olympics ever.

Many Olympians came and never left, and the place is crawling with star power athletes of all ages. Some run hotels and restaurants, and the younger ones are here from all over the world to train. Whiteface Mountain, with the highest vertical skiable drop in the East is just 10 miles from Lake Placid for winter riding and skiing.

Lake Placid is a democratic type of resorts, with lodgings and restaurants in all price categories. In warm weather even the budget traveler can dine outdoors perched right over spectacular Mirror Lake at inexpensive restaurants like The Cottage, or Ere’s Pizza.

Snowboard Secret: We had to wait for a table at The Cottage restaurant on Mirror Lake, so the hostess gave us a buzzer to let us know when our table was ready. We went outside and brought our drinks down to one of the 2 tall tables on the little dock deck, to the left of the restaurant’s front door. The spot was so perfect at sunset that we ignored the buzzer several times. We even had our picture taken by a photographer from the Manchester,NH Union Leader while we were sitting there. He thought the spot was perfect too!

There are plenty of luxury lodgings and restaurants too. The Mirror Lake Inn Resort Spa, The Lake Placid Lodge, and The Whiteface Lodge are among the finest lodgings you will find anywhere. Bill Gates has been a guest. The Lake Placid Courtyard by Marriott right in town is more lush and beautifully situated than any Marriott Courtyard you’ve ever seen. The Hilton Lake Placid Resort has an annex right on the lake and a couple of rooms have decks that hang right over the lake, and are not terribly expensive considering the view.

If you’re saving up your bucks for lift tickets and snowboard gear, there are 2 low-priced hostels in Lake Placid; the Jackrabbit Hostel $22-$58– and the High Peaks Hostel at $30. There are loads of old school family run motels too like the Town and Country Motor Inn, Placid Bay Inn, and, The Town House Lodge. Some have wireless internet, hairdryers, or bikes to lend so take your pick.
A list of Lake Placid lodging, some with links, are listed here. The major chain hotels are here too.

Details for Wet and Wild and Soaring Saturday

This week's Wet and Wild Wednesday show is presented by the Four
Diamond Mirror Lake Inn, inviting you to dine in style at any of their
restaurants. The View Restaurant, Lake Placid's only Four Diamond
restaurant, offers the finest in elegant, comfort foods in a warm and
inviting atmosphere with outstanding, friendly service. Taste bistro, also
part of the Mirror Lake Inn, offers the best bistro burger in town. For
lighter fare, try Lake Placid's meeting place, The Cottage, on the lake
shore, for lunch, supper and your favorite cocktail! Visit them for more
details and restaurant menus at

On Wednesday, the music rocks with Official Radio Station Y-106-FM.
There is a live MC, and audience participation before the festivities, with
a cool atmosphere for everyone.

Soaring Saturday is presented by the Lake Placid Courtyard by Marriott.
Featuring 96 spacious guest rooms and suites, an indoor pool with two spas,
plus a complimentary fitness center, 24 hour business center and a cocktail
lounge, the Courtyard is sure to meet your every need. Guest rooms offer
plush bedding, complimentary high speed internet and other great amenities.
In addition to standard rooms, Courtyard also offers over sized king and two
queen rooms, luxury or fireplace suites, and Jacuzzi rooms. Our a 100%
smoke-free environment just minutes by car or a free trolley ride away to
downtown Lake Placid. Visit

Soaring Saturday features the top eastern jumpers sailing from the
90-meter ski jump tower in a king-of-the-hill format. These athletes,
aspiring to secure future spots on the United States National Team, make use
of Lake Placid's artificial jumping surfaces to emulate winter speeds and
distances. It's a summer activity dating back over 20 years.

Get the latest updates by listening to Soaring Saturday's Official
Radio Station, Rock 105-FM. ORDA concessionaire, Centerplate, serves a tasty summertime fare each day to satisfy your lunchtime appetite.

Admission is $14 for adults and $8 for juniors and seniors. This
includes the chairlift alongside the ski jump landing hills and the 26-story
elevator ride to the top of the 120 meter ski jump tower for unparalleled
views of the High Peaks.

ORDA also offers the Gold Medal Adventure from 9 am to 12:30 pm
Wednesday through Sunday. For $35, participants can try wheeled luge and the
bobsled push start. The price includes a tour of the complex and an Athlete
Meet and Greet session. You can register in advance by calling 518-523-2202
at the ski jumps on the day of participation.

For more information on these series as well as all ORDA events and
activities, please click here

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Wakeboarding in Montreal - Nautiques XCup Am Assault

Nautiques XCup Am Assault in Montreal, Quebec
O’Neill Team Riders Olivier Derome and Didier Godbout took first and second
by Lauren Traub Teton

Montreal, June 15h 2008

The Nautiques XCup AmAssault began its tour in Montreal on Sunday June 15 with a spectacular showing downtown, in front of the Montreal Casino. The wakeboard contest drew some of the best wakeboarders from both Quebec and Ontario and included outstanding performances in the Men's Open. Current 7th place ranked World Wakeboard Pro-Tour and O'Neill Team Rider, Olivier Derome, took first place after working his way through the qualifying rounds and posting the best run in the finals. Derome was followed closely by O'Neill teammate, Didier Godbout, in second place.

The manager and coach of the winning O’Neill wakeboard team is our old friend Max Henault. He also leads the dynamite O’Neill Canadian snowboard team that brought home trophies at the legendary Shakedown, that went down at Mont Saint-Sauveur near Montreal in April. (see April 8, 2008 posting below to read about our trip to the Shakedown, one of the BEST events anywhere!)
Max used to ride for the Flow Team, and also on a pro trampoline team and is a superbly trained athlete. He told us a few years back when he was 26 that he was “getting too old to be a pro-snowboarder” and needed to plan for his future. We are glad to see that he’s doing so well at his new career! (More on Max here.)

The goal of the Nautiques XCup AmAssault is to explore new areas and search out new participants with both demos and shows.Stay tuned for additional action in the water as the Nautiques XCup AmAssault comes to a beach near you. The event will also be hosting the Provincial Championships for the first time in several years as well as the much anticipated stop of the Byerly Toe Jam. The Byerly Toe Jam will be making its first international stop in Canada on August 21-23 at Wasaga Beach, Ontario.

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Snowboard Camp at Windells


Windells snowboard (and ski) camp says their gearing up for one of their best summers to date with a snow pack 380% above normal and over 36 feet of total snow accumulation this winter. Their private park on Mt. Hood received so much snow that it shattered a 50 year record.

Jason Legge, a pro snowboarder for Rossignol, Smith, Vans, Dakine, Atmosphere and Copper, has been promoted to Windells Head Digger. Jason plans to build some of the largest jumps Mt. Hood has seen to date. With Mack Dawg Productions (MPD) and others coming to film Sessions 1 and 2, there is bound to be some amazing riding. Jason is bringing in his experienced Canyons park crew and an all-star line of pro snowboarders including:

Jake Welch, JJ Thomas, Josh Sherman, Travis Kennedy, Eddie Wall, Chad Otterstrom, Luke Mitrani, Jack Mitrani, Jonas Carlson, Kyle Clancy, Scotty Arnold, Mason Aguirre, Scotty Lago, Molly Aguirre, Drew Fuller, Charlie Morace, Nick Dirks, Mark Frank Montoya, Jake Blauvelt, Kevin Pierce, Alex Sherman , Danny Davis, The Dingo, Danny Kass, Todd Richards, Lane Knaack, JP Tomich, Madison Ellsworth, Kelly Clark, Hannah Teeter, Seth Westcott, Shaun Palmer, Nate Holland, Lyndsey Jacobelis, Louie Vito, and many more.

Check out at or give a ring at 1-800-765-7669

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Empire Shakedown 2008

The Empire Shakedown 2008
April 4 and 5, 2008, Mont Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada
by Lauren Traub Teton

We went to our first Empire Shakedown in Quebec this week, and it is one of the best snowboard events I’ve ever been to! And I have been to just about every snowboard event this season in the East.

A slow 8-hour drive in a blizzard and misty rain, and rush hour traffic around Montreal were endured, but were quickly forgotten when we took our places for Friday night’s rail jam at petit Mont Saint-Sauveur, an hour north of Montreal. The crowd would have been thicker if not for the bad driving weather but that just meant plenty of good viewing spots from the comfy grandstands, and room to move around, which was
certainly not the case Saturday night with crowds of over 15,000 spectators for the finals of the main event.

Friday Night Coors Light Rail Jam and Party

80 slots for amateurs were available in the rail jam beside the 35 pros that could ride. Two old-school metal rails and a gigantic corrugated drum, tarted up to look like a can of Coors completed the set-up. The riders were pleased that no stair rails were included because of the extra danger factor that comes with stairs.

Mike Casanova out of Breckenridge, Colorado competed using some of the
greenbacks from his first place win at February's NY City's Union Square Rail Jam
for his travel budget. He is riding as an unsponsored free agent at the moment and
carefully considering his next career move. Originally from Wisconsin, 23-year old
Mike is a really nice guy as well as a super rider.

Jason Dubois of Quebec and Chris Rotax of Vermont who both also made the
podium at Union Square, competed at the Shakedown. As did LNP (Laurent-Nicolas
Paquin) of Quebec with his smiley dark eyes and freak flag of hair flying. This guy was spectacular in Rome Snowboard's latest film "By Any Means" and was named 2008
"Jibber of the Year" by Snowboarder Magazine for that film part.

Kael Hill of Alberta, Canada took the top prize in the Coors Light Rail Jam ($5 000)
with a Nollie Backside Lip 5-0. Matt Kulisek, a local from St-Sauveur won the Ride
Snowboards amateur competition with a graceful frontside 9. Also on the podium for
the amateur side were Antonin Chamberland of Sherbrooke in 2nd place, and David
Gauthier of Trois-Rivières, 3rd place. All three won invites for the semi-finals in the big pro comp on Saturday.

The party Friday night was at the club Bourbon Street in Piedmont, the next town over
and the only place around big enough to hold the crowd. This was one of the largest
parties I had ever been to. That is until the next night's afterparty. 3000 people can fit inside Bourbon Street, and the partying and dancing were wild a la Quebec. Bouncers regularly pick up and throw out anyone who gets too rowdy. And I have never seen so many beautiful girls in one place in my life.

Saturday Main Event Semi-Finals and Finals - Slopestyle Jam

Saturday brought bright warm sunshine, with 55 degree F temperatures that made the
daytime snow slow and sticky for the semi-finals of the main event. 35 of the best
pro-riders from the US and Canada were invited to compete along with the 3 amateur winners of Friday night's rail jam. An insane halftime (mi-temps) show between the semi-finals and the finals was the VANS Skateboarding Competition. The snowboard rail set-up was jibbed by skateboarders, propelling off of a wooden quarterpipe before the cheering crowds in the stands. Thomas Parent won top honors and a cash prize of
$2 000.

Back on the snowboards, the finals saw the 15 top athletes of the semi-finals retained for a showdown. The Empire Shakedown is a unique competition, requiring that athletes master two different snowboarding disciplines (the AMP booter jump, followed by the rail) in a JAM format which we've only seen done at the Shakedown. The ski run below the booter is open to the public during the event, and snowboarders and skiers must ride through a narrow snow passageway right underneath the competitors asthey fly overhead from their jumps.

The Shakedown basically uses a rail jam format, for a slopestyle event. Say WHAT?!
In plain English, that means the riders can take as many practice runs as they want at any time during the comp. HOWEVER they must call out each of the 2 runs that will be judged before they drop in, and they have to say what trick they'll be doing. This makes it both easier and harder. Just ask Chris Rotax, who killed it all day, but just not on his "juger" or judged runs.

Chris's Vermont rail pal Yale Cousino is recovering from a knee injury sustained at the Union Square Rail Jam, and helped out here with the judging. Justin Short (who is tall,with long straight red gold hair) competed from out west, as did Bode Merrill (not to be confused with Bode Miller) out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Merrill, age 21 won first place in the "World Quarterpipe Championship" in Vermont two weeks ago on Easter Monday, and has been ripping it up in the East. His prize there was $1000 in quarters and a 50cc motorcycle, which is comically tiny considering his 6'3 inch frame.

Another thing that is special and spectacular about the Shakedown is the spirit and
animation of the crowd. They were packed together like pennies in a jar, breathless
with anticipation before each jump, and ecstatic at the finish of each rail slide. Since the mountain is open for riding at night, spectators had the option to ride the lift or hike up, to sit on the snowy lit hill and watch the event.

The excitement was contagious, with 2 announcers going at the same time, Patryck
Bernier, one of the event organizers spoke in French and Etienne Gilbert in
English. The music made it impossible not to dance and was as good as the tunes at
the after-party. And the crowd was the best looking and most nonchalantly fashionable
group we have ever seen in our lives. We would have loved to see a little display of show-off runs by the riders who worked so hard but didn't make the finals.

"The level of competition is very high and the boarders have been extremely creative;
some jumps we’ve never even seen before. The ambiance was incredible,especially today with the beautiful weather we’re experiencing" commented Brendan O’Dowd, President of DIZZLE Productions Inc, and one of the Empire Shakedown’s

When all was said and done, Mont-Tremblant native Charles (say "Sharl") Reid won
the 2008 Empire Shakedown grand finale this year after placing 2nd in 2007. The 17-
year old snowboarder also won himself $15 000 in prize money. Two other Quebecois boarders climbed onto the podium; Sébastien Toutant,with his very special backside 1080 double cork - double kink air, and gap to back lipslide on the rail.

Toutant is a 15-year old from Lanaudière, who rides for O'Neill under the superb
tutelage of our old friend Max Henault, and we predict you'll be seeing Seb's name a
lot. Third was Sherbrook’s Antonin Chamberland. Chamberland was in fact one of
just two amateur snowboarders to win a spot in the finals, the other being Saint-
Sauveur’s Matt Kulisek.

Winner Charles Reid said "I think the moves I really succeeded with, the frontside
1080 and the back side 270 were what won me the competition. I don’t really know
what to do with the $15 000 prize money, but for the moment, its going to the bank.
One thing is certain; I will be ready for Shakedown 2009." The prize was the biggest
purse to be awarded in Canada.

The after-party was huge, and open to all comers over age 18 who paid a cover
charge. It was conveniently held at the Saint-Sauveur base lodge, and the social
scene spilled out all over, with one outdoor section seemingly reserved for people to text message their friends. We've never been to a snowboard event that made a space
big enough to have a party where all were invited, so this one was great. Charles Reid proudly sported his first prize necklace at the party. It was heavy gold and spelled out "Shakedown 2008" in a style that would make 50 Cent jealous, for sure.

After-after parties broke out in various places including the tony Manoir Sauveur lounge that is probably still trying to rub the drink waterspots off its grand piano. The Shakedown is a party not to be missed, and we'll be back. We may even nip up to
Canada again soon to enjoy the charming tourist village of St-Sauveur in the summer
without our snowboard buddies. And to check out the latest fashions at Axis
Boardshop in St-Sau, who has one of the best snowboard, skate, and wakeboard clothing
collection we've ever seen. They're surely one of the reasons the people at the
Shakedown looked so fashionably fab!

Sponsors of the Empire Shakedown

Empire Stores is the namesake partner of The Shakedown. With five stores in the
Greater Montreal area, and its online boutique, they are
Canada’s largest distributor specializing in snow and skateboard clothing and

In 2008, Empire Shakedown once again enjoys the support of: Vans, AMP, Ubisoft,
Coors Light, Ride Snowboards, Mont Saint-Sauveur, ZooYork, as well as Spy, Nixon,
Nikita, 686, IFound, Drop, New Era, Skull Candy, Tourisme Québec, and Moog Audio.
The participation of the following media should also be noted: Snowboard Canada
Magazine, Future Snowboard Mag (USA), Musique Plus, and

DIZZLE Productions is the architect of the Shakedown. Founders of DIZZLE Patryck
Bernier and Brendan O'Dowd have been providing event management and other
related services since 2004.

The Empire Shakedown 2008 will be aired on the RDS Network (April 25 at 5:30
p.m.. DST) and on TSN (May 18 at 3:30 p.m. DST).

Don't Miss Great Snowboard Events in the East.

Friday, March 28, 2008

World Quarter Pipe Championship 2008 held at Timber Ridge, Vermont

Monday March 24, 2008 saw the return of the famous infamous World Quarter Pipe Championship, held at the internationally renowned year-round party hot spot, otherwise known as Timber Ridge in Windham, VT “on the backside of Magic Mountain.” We went to the Rome “By Any Means” film premier party here last summer and had such a great time that we didn’t think twice the minute we heard a winter comp was being held here.

This was the 8th “Annual” Competition and they tell me it’s ok to call it “annual” even though the event was on hiatus for the last 3 or 4 years. This season Tim Waker, owner of Timber Ridge, and his helpers decided to pull out the backhoe again, and transport 50 truckloads of snow onto the exact spot where the summer skateboard halfpipe was set up, to re-create their winter “World Quarterpipe Championship” once again.

This is a contest in the old school style. Anyone can enter. In fact there is no “entering.” Just show up, get up the hill with your deck, and ride down. That’s the only requirement for entry. Steve Hayes of Hayes Brothers snowboards, who rode for the Burton Team from back in the 80’s and 90’s said “The World Quarters reminded me of the early contests in that every one was relaxed, no pressure, they had to hike, and there were no rules. Just ride and have fun. Oh yea, watch out for the Gauntlet.”

Stevie Hayes and Laurie Asperas Valayer, both Burton Team Riders from 1984 into the '90s were there.

The QP billed as “A NIGHTMARE OF TRANSITION AND VERT” on the flyers and signs, was actually a friendly sized 14 foot high hip and spine facing the sun, with a blue barrel to bonk and a wooden “Funerail” to play around on. The riders hit the features continuously from the practice sesh that ended around 12 noon, until the contest ended after 4:30. They rode it as jousting knights into battle, more so than even the snowboard warriors at another recent medieval-themed snowboard event held down the road this weekend.

The contestants at the World QP were made to ride a gauntlet where the local townsfolk threw snowballs and sometimes beer cans, using the snowboard warriors as flying targets. Occasionally a snowboarding warrior threw back a snowball at the gauntlet-keepers from the air during the jump, making for jolly entertainment. The purpose of a gauntlet is to make sure that no evil spirits will dare follow the warriors, and I think they must be pretty free and clear after what they went through!

After threading the gauntlet the warriors were forced to jump over fire in their rides downhill. Not electronically created controlled fire like the kind next to the Wizard of Oz’s face, but real gnarly wood “flare-up when it-feels like it fire.” There were a few singed butts to be sure.

This rider is smokin'! No really!!

Riders were still goin’ at the jump and making victory laps during the award ceremony, where Shayne Pospisil took first place. His cool mom Janet and his bros were there to cheer him on. Shayne is just back from a second place at Terje’s Arctic Challenge. Winning the Arctic Challenge was a highlight of his career to date, and he gets to go surfing with Terje in Indonesia for a prize. We think his moms should get to go on that trip too since she’s a surfer.

Shayne Pospisil, winner, and his surfin' Mom Janet

Shout out to our new friends Tarik Blowers age 14, of Jamaica, VT, and his mom Suzanne Sylvester. This kid spun on the QP like no one else and we hear he was just tapped to ride for Hayes Brothers. Tarik was a winner of the Red Bull One Hit Wonder comps at Mountain Creek and Stratton this season and is a Ross Powers personal friend, and Foundation sponsoree.

Tarik Blowers and his Mom Suzanne Sylvester

Forest Bailey had that determined look on his face and pulled off the first of the roof drop bonks, jumping off the right side of the spine onto the roof of the little house below. He did some nice stalls on the wood rail.

Nugget announced, and someone sometimes played music of a wide and oddly assorted variety from his Ipod. Scotty Lago was going big as the most famous of the riders here and we hope his heel heals fast. Scotty and Shayne P. are off to Alaska to film this week.

Teddy Rauh actually did perform his legendary signature double back flip a couple of times toward the end of the day. A few times his landing that we couldn’t see produced big puffs of flyng snow and thuds, but he came walking back every time, thank goodness.

Chris Waker rode wearing the signature yellow and black colors of Timber Ridge. Btw, Who are all those security guards wearing the yellow jackets and roaring the sleds uphill with up to 3 snowboarders snow wakeboarding behind? We don’t know but they seem to be having the time of their life at this party and the other Timber Ridge ones too! Dad Tim got into the act when he rode the mini-bike prize down the quarter pipe to present it, much to the delight of the almost jaded and by now pretty drunk audience.

Tim Waker tests out the prize mini-bike

This was a small awesome party with free vittles on the grill and some free brewskis and Red Bulls. Thanks to Rome SDS, Red Bull, Pat Bridges, Mark Sullivan, the Wakers, the shuttle bus driver, the security guards, Magic Mountain, Mother Nature for the pretty day, all the riders, spectators, dogs, and whoever else and everyone else who helped make this party special. We’ll be back for the next party here, no doubt!

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Bluebird Skies at Hunter TELEMET Latitude 42 2008

Hunter Mountain Hosts TELEMET Latitude 42
for 3rd Year

Bluebird skies could not have been brighter Sunday afternoon as we watched the Big Air Finals, and Rail Jam warm-up and match of this annual snowboard and ski contest. Hunter Mountain had the rails set up for easy viewing from their sun deck, so you could enjoy a cold brew along with the warm rays and exciting action all from your comfy seated position in an Adirondack chair or at a picnic table after finishing a great day of sniing. The music by DJ Soul Atomic caused uncontrollable grooving in the crowd.

On the mic at the rail jam was Chris Karas of Hunter, adding color and style. A good announcer really jazzes up a jam, and he did! Rail Jam Props go out to Juan Morri for his stylish tweak on the rail and red shirt, Mike DiStasio who brought his trademark one-footer to Hunter and always looks smart, Tom Weiss, (one of our faves) who has won this rail jam for the last 3 years straight, and Brian Pendergast for style and enthusiasm. And our friends from USASA events in the Catskill Mountain Series that we compete in personally. These CMS-ers were all on the podium this weekend: Tyler Yager, Becky Popiel, and Katie Teague. Bob Basil our CMS fearless leader, and his trusty assistant (and sister) Marie Ianelli kept the Lat 42 event on course all weekend

Also props to Tess Hobbs, skier, and captain/coach of the UVM ski rail team who won and brought her team down to compete. She won the rail jam and QP here this year and last, as she has been winning all season, including at Rails to Riches at Killington. She is unstoppable!

A top notch team of snowboard judges officiated, including Jeremiah Dixon of Hunter. (He gave me my first lesson in the halfpipe many years ago, and enough encouragement that I stayed with it, and now finally find it relaxing to ride the pipe instead of the equivalent of jumping out of a plane, as it used to feel to me!). Also judges judge Rick Bauer, and the rest of the team.

Hey, why does the warm-up before rail jams have to be so long? The competitors have practiced plenty to get here and are sometimes wilted by the time the event finally begins.

We were very pleased to see our friends Justin Maury and Luke Love (yes, that's his REAL name!) of Mountain Creek and every party this season set up with a great gig, running the Signal/Scion booth where they get to drive the Scion from mountain to mountain, then give out raffle tickets and do an award ceremony. Justin and Luke love the megaphone and have a gift for amplified gab. Just hope you don't have to hear the pirate joke.
In the afternoon we took a run with our new friends Dave Schupp, Dave Callahan, who threw down later in the jam finals, and 14-year old Matt Kozuch from the dirty and Hunter, who likes to practice his pick-up lines on girls, yelling down from the chair lift. Cute!

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Latitude 42 North freestyle competition featured Big Air, Rail Jam and Quarterpipe competitions, live entertainment and a grand prize giveaway of a trip for two to Catedral Alta Patagonia, Argentina. Winners of each competition and discipline are as follows:

(1st) Tyler Yager
(1st) Marisa McKellar
(2nd) Jordan Saccoccie
(2nd) Katie Teague
(3rd) Pablo Dawybida
(3rd) Meghan Hughes
(1st) Corey Roberts
(1st) Krista Hughes
(2nd) Erik Olson
(2nd) Jessa Suhner
(3rd) Anthony Cigna
(3rd) Jenna Gotthelf
(1st) Mark Bondi
(1st) Meghan Hughes
( 2nd) Colin Shoemaker
(2nd) Marisa McKellar
(3rd) Matt Briggs
(3rd) Becky Popiel
(1st) Graham Derby
(1st) Tess Hobbs
(2nd) Corey Roberts
(2nd) Julia Luebs
(3rd) Anthony Cigna
(3rd) Jessa Suhner
(1st ) Thomas Weiss
(1st) Chelsea Camarata
(2nd) Mike Callaghan
(2nd) Katie Teague
(3rd) Colin Shoemaker
(3rd) Becky Popiel
(1st) Will Wesson
(1st) Tess Hobbs
(2nd) Andy Parry
(2nd) Jenna Gotthelf
(3rd) Matt Marks
(3rd) Jessa Suhner

More than $25,000 in cash and prizes were distributed to the winners. Please
continue to the website for further information, photos, and more!