Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Eastern Boarder Video 2008 Review

The Eastern Boarder Video 2008

reviewed by Lauren Traub Teton
for SnowboardSecrets.com

When it all comes down to it, why do we watch snowboard videos? My answer is to watch people have fun on the snow when we’re not on it ourself, and to see something new. EB’s Eastern Boarder Video for 2008 provides for these needs, in spades.

We love Scott Stevens stalling on a log rail then doing a forward somersault in the air off. We love seeing Colleen Quigley and all our other homegrown shreds doing their gnarly thing. And we love the price of this disc in this day of shrinking buying power, ‘cuz it’s FREE for the asking at your local Easter Boarder. Online too, here!

It’s the opposite of some of the slick vids you’ve seen, it has a feeling of being one step ahead of the cops and anarchy, and those antics are what we most love in a snowboard flick – just watching kids having fun while their adrenaline flows. Riding stuff they shouldn’t. Like brick walls and roofs and hey, is that a dam they’re sliding? Not every part is credited, we’d like to see the names of each entertaining perp who performs. We like seeing the always-stylish Niko Cioffi who besides his cool riding gets the most fashionable jacket award in this flick.

New Englanders are gnarly and not afraid to show their mistakes on film. Brandon Reis goes huge, clips a pine tree, and then lands upside down in it’s tree well in his first shot, with a cracked board. Chris Beresford shreds a SKATE park on his board. Yale Cousino gets best pants award.

For some vids, you know the crew sat and waited in their hotel rooms for days until bluebird skies appeared and avalanche danger passed. In this vid, it’s more like they said “Tonight’s the night” and the crew got together whenever and wherever for some ninja style filming. This film is like watching The Monkees with snowboards (ask your parents.) And we love it.

See the video now FREE here!

From EB's Site

This is the Eastern Boarder Movie. It is amazing that this is the first EasternBoarder Snowboard Movie with past riders including Eric Kovall, Alexi Garick, Doug Byrnes, Shane Flood, Nicke Franke, Jamie Mcleod and more. Its about time we did this, The video and EB team would not happen without the amazing riders and filmers that represent EB. Most of all we would like to thank the huge Eastern Boarder Family.

This is the changing of the guard, the talent has never been hungrier. Last season (08) was record breaking, tons of snow, tons of fun, tons of coverage. It might go down as the best season ever. This Movie features the riding talents of Tanner Pendleton, Teddy Lavoie, Colleen Quigley, Brandon Reis, Sam Hulbert, Chris Carr, Yale Cousino & Shane Fortier. Appearances by friends like Kade Madsden, Chris Beresford & Niko Coiffi & More. Chris Carr wraps up the video with some tricky tricks that need to be watched three times minimum.

This video was filmed by Tanner Pendleton, Matt Roberge and random others, If a person is in it they probably filmed a bit. Edited by Tanner Pendleton. Thanks to Tanner for his hard work making this movie happen, and thanks to Everyone for your support. Thanks to the sponsors, Watervile Valley, K2 Snowboarding, Red Bull, Oakley, Ride, & Forum.