Monday, September 29, 2008

Grenade FilmTour for "The Boned Age"

Snowboard Film Party Season is Back!

by Lauren Traub Teton

The Grenade Film Premiere Tour for "The Boned Age" hit Boston last Wed. night, September 24, 2008 at Revolution Rock Bar on High St. With little local advance notice the turnout was on the light side, but it just made for more face time with Danny Kass, The Dingo, Sketchy D., and Lucas "Gooner" Magoon, as they mingled before and after the film in and near the land of their roots.

We somehow missed one of the first parties of the season in the East, the Rome Party in Boston last week. Their 2 outdoor parties at Timber Ridge in Vermont last season were extreme, and we an vouch for the fact that they know how to throw a party. (Rome Londonderry Pop Festival
Rome World Quarter Pipe Comp 2008

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The Boned Age

The latest Grenade film, named as homage to another film, "The Stoned Age" actually contained more liquor references, and had a cute goofy plot line that was written by Danny Kass and his friends as an excuse for them to try out some acting and have guest cameo performances, between awesome snowboard tricks.

First scene, Danny driving with Scotty Lago who is seen wearing a long bad women's red wig for some reason, (maybe he's playing the role of Danny's date? No, he says he's his brother) while they try to figure out what to do that night. This scene has been played out millions of times with young people all over America and the world. Maybe even by you back in the day! Or now!

Dave England dominates as the page-boyed blond liquor store employee, dancing and diving behind the counter and totally chewing the scenery. The Dingo looks marvelous and happy in his green dress and glasses playing Gabe Taylor's mom, encouraging Gabe to get out of the house and go hang with wild Lucas Magoon.

The film's snowboard shots all occur on the most beautiful bluebird days. Featured in the film besides Danny and Sketchy D are : Benji Ritchie, Gabe Taylor, Zack Leach, Kyle Clancy, Chad Otterstrom, Lane Knaack and Travis Rice.

Lucas Magoon gets my Best Trick Award for riding a long wooden stair rail and cleanly jumping across to the opposite rail mid-ride. It was one of those surprises that makes the audience gasp. Watch carefully because if you blink you'll miss it.

Synchronized halfpipe riding is shown, and causes fantasies of a new Olympic sport that we'd love to see! Scotty Lago had the wrap-up starring role at the end of the film with heavy beats and is also seen chasing a herd of elk on foot, fortunately without a weapon.

The East Coast tour continues with one more stop this Tuesday at Santo's Party House in NYC Tuesday night (Sept. 30). Then the crew is off to the UK, Korea, and Japan, where they are met at the airport by screaming teens, like in the old days of the Beatles (if you know who they are.) Danny Kass's fashion forecast for this season and next include "Mad Plaids" and a little denim this year, with a lot more denim to come next season.

"The Adventures of Danny and The Dingo”

Tuesday Sept. 30 day is also the kickoff of the new TV show on Fuel called “The Adventures of Danny and The Dingo," shot a couple of seasons back on the Grenade Strikes Back Tour, and since Danny and his crew are always lots of fun to watch we're re-upping our Fuel TV subscription for this.

The series begins at the X Games, as Danny, The Dingo and the rest of the Grenade crew cram themselves into a 30’ RV for the “Grenade Strikes Back” Tour. They head for the mountains in search of riders, inviting only the freshest talent to compete in the Grenade Games. When they’re not on their boards, the team manages to get into all kinds of trouble. Cameras are rolling as they drive a hotel manager over the edge, attempt to eat nothing but frozen pizza rolls, and play a practical joke with a permanent punch line at the tattoo parlor. The season finale wraps up at the Grenade Games, as the team judges the finalists they met on the road and awards the winner with a spot on the Grenade Team and his own signature piece of Grenade gloves.

NYC Grenade Party Update

October 1, 2008

The Grenade "Boned Age" film premiere took place last night at Santo's Party House on Lafayette in the NYC. It was a veritable Who's Who of pre-season East Coast stoke. Shayne Pospisil, Michael Cohen, Randy Hoose of Hunter Mountain, Jon Callahan of Launch Snowboards, and our two most arty stylish snowboard pals: Justin Maury and Luke Love (no lie!) were among those present.

Representing Grenade were Danny Kass, The Dingo, Sketchy D, Lucas Magoon, and Kevin Casillo who held it down at the door. Danny was seen sporting his brand new Flexmeter wrist guard for skating (they're designed by a doctor!) on his right arm, and a black cast on his left arm. Let's hope the new Flexmeter prevents any more need for casts!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Gathering of the Vibes Festival August 2008

Gathering of the Vibes Festival held July 31 to August 3, 2008

Seaside Park, Bridgeport, CT

Reported by Dusty, special guest journalist

As is the case with any good trip, set and setting are critical, and there’s no better setting for a festival than Bridgeport’s Seaside Park, home of this year’s Gathering of the Vibes (GOV) festival.

The beautiful location on the bay lends a bit of a Monterey Pop feel to the event. At night, dimly lit private boats line the bay behind the stage – not a bad way to spend an evening. An endless passagiatta of strollers walk the beach and boardwalk, simultaneously entertaining and being entertained.

Saturday’s torrential downpour, and Wavy Gravy’s spectacular job as emcee and house jester, lent a Woodstock feeling to the event. Wavy was in fine form this year, as always, entertaining the masses with stories from his five decades as hippie Icon Emeritus.

The music started Thursday night, highlighted by an awesome set from the Dark Star Orchestra. With me, what’s important is not necessarily which music was on Thursday night, which was outstanding, but the fact that there’s any music at all. The promoters could have easily stuck with the three-day format, but no…they want to give you an extra party day and for you to be aurally entertained even when arriving and getting comfortable on Thursday, and when leaving.

On a personal note, nighttime, pre-festival music always brings fond memories for me of having had the good fortune to have been front and center at Watkins Glen ‘73 for “the greatest sound check of all time,” when the Grateful Dead, the Allman Brothers and the Band took a look at the crowd estimated at 600,000, and played an improvised all night set that was considered the high point of the entire weekend..

Early Saturday morning at GOV, it appeared we were in for another beautiful day…not! We got hit with a late-morning storm complete with lots of thunder, wind, and dangerously close lightning strikes. Of course, this was soon followed by the obligatory dance of the mud people, mud-grooving to Taj Mahal.

Despite the inclement weather, people come to GOV to have a great time, and they’re not likely to let a little (or a lot) of rain interfere with that mission. We can’t remember a GOV in the last 4 years that didn’t have some rain. In fact we can’t remember any multi-day music fest around NY state since we’ve been going to them that hasn’t had a bit of rain.

The site is ringed by a circle of eclectic merchandise and food vendors, so there’s plenty of opportunities for hippie retail therapy during breaks in the performances. I swear the promoters must interview the food vendors as carefully as they choose the musical lineup. On Friday night, after a hot day of grooving, I lustfully and with great anticipation perused the multitudinous culinary offerings, before settling down to a masterfully prepared steak kabob pita and well-done, hand-cut French fries done to perfection, which tasted as good as they sound, particularly with background music provided the Black Crowes.

I could easily fill this space with reviews of the performers, each of whom put on an inspired show. How could you not play a great set in this magnificent location, at a gig called the Gathering of the Vibes.

The Bridgeport locals seem to be having as good a time as any of the concertgoers. On my nightly walk through the surrounding neighborhood back to my car, I passed dozens of homes where the occupants were out on their porches grooving to the music live and as broadcast on WPKN.

While I would have driven a few hundred miles to attend this event, it doesn’t hurt that it takes place a few miles from my Westchester county abode. I can’t wait till next year. Regardless of where GOV is held, I’ll be there for sure.