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Warren Miller's Ticket to Ride Tours 60 Stops Nationwide 2013

by Lauren Traub Teton, SnowboardSecrets.TV

As sure as the leaves turn color in autumn, Warren Miller fans welcome his annual snowsports extravaganza on film. Warren Miller films attract a cult-like following and mark the official start of 
winter for sport enthusiasts.This year Ticket to Ride , his 64th annual feature kicked off the 
national tour of over 60 venues, with an October 11 show in Salt Lake City.

These days, when many snowboard film premieres happen online instead of in theatres and clubs 
as in the past, a live community event filled with stoked snowriders is a reason to get out and celebrate! Warren Miller shows are an experience, a pre-season party not to be missed – film attendees have a chance to win ski vacations, heli-trips, prizes and gear, plus meet the athletes and get access to exclusive resort and retail savings from Warren Miller partners.

Ticket to Ride will take filmgoers on an action-packed journey with the world’s best skiers and snowboarders. Witness athletes at their career-best, and discover the path that put them at the 
top of 
the steepest peaks.

Experience the immense energy of the world’s most sought-after destinations, and discover the “epicenter of big lines” in Alaska, Montana’s Big Sky Country and the exotic, winter playgrounds of Kazakhstan, Iceland and Greenland. The trams and trains in Switzerland will climb to  
Mt. Eiger as the fishing boats in Norway will carry you to the islands of Alesund.

World-class action sport athletes, including World Cup champions and Olympians, Seth Wescott, Ted Ligety and Julia Mancuso, plus legendary ski mountaineers like Chris Davenport, and freeskiers Colby West and Sean Pettit show their stuff.
See Lauren's interviews with Seth Wescott and Julia Mancuso here!

Beautiful snowboard park & pipe veteran, Gretchen Bleiler throws down in Aspen proving
girls can look like girls and still rip.” An all-female cast of Jess McMillan, Julia Mancuso and Sierra Quitiquit explore the expansive terrain that is Iceland’s Troll Peninsula, and a snowboard segment in Valdez brings two legends, Seth Wescott and Rob Kingwill, together for a rowdy, big mountain 

See Lauren's interview with Gretchen Bleiler in 2009 in the snowboard news video titled
Grand Prix Halfpipe Comp Killington VT 2.  (You can skip ahead to 3:00 to see Gretchen's interview about the halfpipe.)

This year, Warren Miller has offset the emissions impact from filming Ticket to Ride, which is a 
small step toward creating a sustainable business for the future,” said Max Bervy, Managing Director.
 “As a stakeholder in winter, Warren Miller Entertainment is committed to using our voice in the winter sports community to help preserve our winters. Continuing our 64-year legacy, we look to make films that 
excite and inspire skiers and riders worldwide, and we must work with and impassion our audience to pass down the tradition and make positive changes for generations to come.”

Tickets can be purchased at REI locations in select markets across the nation with no added ticketing fees.

About Warren Miller Entertainment
Ticket to Ride is Warren Miller Entertainment’s 64th annual feature film, adding it to the legacy of the Warren Miller Entertainment® feature film library, a pioneer in action sports cinematography since 1949. Warren Miller Entertainment® is a division of Active Interest Media ( and is based in Boulder, Colorado.

For more information and the full schedule of shows go to Tickets went on sale September 13.
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Flexmeter/Docmeter Wrist Guard Testimonials - More!

see the video of

September 10, 2013
Lauren wrote:

Hi Gene,
I recognize your name from past orders, don't I?

Yes, we love your product, this is our 3rd set.  My daughter broke her wrist twice in one season a few years ago.  Nothing since then as she started wearing the Flexmeters
Thank you!
Gene H.
Closter, NJ
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lauren Traub Teton quoted as Snowboard Safety Advocate founder  and snowboard safety advocate Lauren Traub Teton was quoted in the Poughkeepsie Journal on snowboard protective gear for The National Ski Areas Association’s 14th Annual National Safety Awareness Week, Jan. 19–27, 2013.

Skiing: Tips to keep snowboarders safe
by Julia Carlson Rosenblatt

Excerpt of the article

"Snowboard experts suggest that riders can minimize injury by wearing wrist guards, knee pads, and elbow pads, just as skate boarders and inline skaters do. Also a tailbone protector. Riders can improvise this by stuffing lots of bubble wrap in the back of their pants, or they may buy a product made specifically for snowboarding.Lauren Traub Teton of Pound Ridge, an avid rider and snowboard advocate, maintains a website with good advice for riders ( She recommends products that have worked well for her. She never rides without protective gear. Lest you be concerned about how you will look with all that protective equipment, I have been out on the slopes with her several times and never noticed it. What I notice most is her enthusiasm and skill, which is certainly enhanced by her knowing she has done her best to prevent injury.

As in skiing, common reflexive habits can lead to disaster. Because of the way snowboarders usually fall, the first reaction to a loss of balance is to extend the hands out to catch oneself. No wonder the most common injury is to the wrist. Traub Teton recommends that when you feel yourself losing balance, make a fist with your hands with the thumb outside, relax as much as you can, and try to spread the impact evenly over your knees and forearms if you fall forward. Wearing kneepads will make it easier to absorb impact on your knees, and tailbone protection will make a backward fall less harmful."

Snowboard tips and event coverage at www.SnowboardSecrets.TV

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Lauren Traub Teton & in the International Herald Tribune

Skiing vs. Snowboarding: What’s the Coolest Mountain Sport Now?

from IHT Rendezvous, The International Herald Tribune / The Global Edition of the New York Times
"Has Snowboarding Lost its Edge?" in his blog post for  The International Herald Tribune 

Lauren Traub Teton, founder of the SnowboardSecrets family of snowboard websites posted this response.

What can save snowboarding?
How about encouraging "grown-ups" to snowboard?
Unlike teaching 7 year-olds as Burton is doing, adults have their own money and cars and will become good customers in their own right.

Learning to snowboard is well within the realm of physical possibility for adults over 40, even those who have never skied. Having both feet locked in makes the muscles around the knee strong. Properly designed snowboard wrist protection should be worn, as beginner snowboarders have a four times greater chance of a wrist injury than more experienced riders. Other snowboard protective gear is helpful and can make the difference between pain and pleasure.

There are 530,530 snowboarders age 45 and older, as extrapolated from SIA figures. Yet we are invisible: nothing is marketed to our demographic. We never see people who look like us in advertisements for snowboard gear. When some savvy companies start marketing and catering to us with respect, we will support them.

Lauren Traub Teton
Snowboard Safety Advocate and

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