Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flexmeter Snowboard Wrist Protection - More Letters from Happy Customers

Hi Lauren,
A year or so ago I called you in desperation because my son was invited to a friend's ski house to go snowboarding for only the 3rd time.  This friend had invited another boy the previous weekend who unfortunately had fallen and broken both his wrists.  My son had suffered a broken ankle in the past and I wanted to ensure that his bones would be safe!!
You recommended the Flexmeter gloves and were very generous with both your time and expertise.  Not only did we purchase them, but so did my girlfriend for her son as well.
Both boys felt more secure out on the slopes with their new gloves.  They felt that the gloves were very warm and comfortable to boot.
Thank you so much!!
Jillian F.
Reston, VA
October 3, 2012

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This letter is from a buyer of Flexmeter Gloves and Wrist Guards - he has purchased several pieces from us over the years.

"Flexmeters offer unreal levels of protection, the strength and reinforcement they provide to the wrist is obvious from the first moment I put them on. They're so effective that suddenly my hands become usable on a snowboard, I don't have to keep in the back of my mind that I could snap a wrist in any fall, and can instead focus on the ride, the rail, or the next trick I want to land. They are both tool and protection, I won't go out without them. By the way, my wife is a skier, and still loves wearing flexmeter wrist guards! "

Joe Saylor
Bellevue, WA
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Dear Lauren
The wrist protectors have just arrived, one day prior to the beginning of our snow season!
They fit him perfectly and it is his favourite color.

It seems like a very good product and I'm sure a lot of people will ask me how I got them.
I am forwarding your contact information for his teacher - www.flexmeters.com to reduce drastically the chances of wrist and forearm injuries while snowboarding or skateboarding.

Thanks a lot!
Lia S.

Order Flexmeter/Docmeter Snowboard Gloves, Wrist Guards and Skateboard Wrist Guards at www.Flexmeters.com!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wachusett Mountain Hosts AcroBag Progression Tour - Inflatable Landing Pad

Tuesday, March 6 - Sunday, March 11

Giant inflatable landing pads for landing ski, snow, and bike tricks are the hottest new thing sweeping the States, from their origins in Europe around 2004. This week pro snowboarder and snowboard entrepreneur Marc-Andre Tarte brings his company's AcroBag to Wachusett Mountain.

The huge Acrobag, measuring 50 by 50 feet is placed snugged up to a 13 foot jump with 3 options, left, right, and center, each with different height profiles. Marc-Andre and his crew are on hand during the Progression Tour to give custom coaching to each rider or skier before their jump. See a video of the whole process in action here!

Details on the event  here.

Want to buy or rent an AcroBag for your resort?