Thursday, October 15, 2009

The B. Burton Movie Premiere NYC 9.14.09

by Lauren Traub Teton

Tonight was the first big movie premiere of the NY snowboard party season in NYC. Hundreds of people lined up in front of the Tribeca Cinemas on Varick Street downtown to see Burton's new 40 minute film. They showed the film in 2 theaters simultaneously, and then had a quickly scheduled second showing to accommodate the crowd. See the vid here. Seeing the film in a theater instead of at a party gives you the chance to look at the film a lot more closely, hear the soundtrack, and enjoy it all comfortably. Burton is taking a page from the Warren Miller juggernaut in this regard.

The NY Snowboarding Meetup kicks ASS by the way, with 1660 members as of today, and over 100 attending tonight. Thanks Keith and Agatha for arranging the movie meetup! And so did The B. This movie, unlike most snowboard films actually kind of has a plot. Well, a theme is more like it. The "B" has a role in the film, as a 100 foot long playground at Northstar, Tahoe, for the riders to do tricks over and off of. Fun idea and photogenic too! See what the B looks like and what this evening was like in our video here.

Standout parts in the film went to Shaun White with the leadoff, riding his private halfpipe and dressed in a black catsuit. We actually see Shaun fall, and as we well know about Shaun White, that just makes him try super harder to succeed. (More Shaun White here.)

Nicolas Mueller uses the Alps like his own giant natural terrain park and his riding reminds us why he was twice crowned snowboarder of the year. His buddy and business partner Fredi Kalbermatten has a part. Best part was Jeremy Jones (rail rider) from Salt Lake, looking lean and mean. He also astounds with his no hands motorcycle riding, and then, well, I won't tell you what else he does on the bike. You'll have to see it to believe it, but don't try it, please.

There's fun rail riding with great beats in the beginning. Snowboarding in an icy skate bowl was new to me, and then the little trick at the end where the 2 riders jump off their sleds and swap is cute, like something your parents might have seen on "The Monkees" tv show.

Shaun White himself made a quick late-night run through the premiere after-party (at Bar 169) where he appeard from midnight to 12:30, then took off in a cab, with cheers from his fans. This party actually had fancy hors d'ouevres served by wait staff on trays upstairs.

Here's a photo from last year's bowling party in Boston, with Nico Mueller lower right, Fredi Kalbermatten center, Liam Griffin upper left, and Yale Cousino upper right. Read our brand new interview with Yale Cousino here. And read about that Burton Boston party 2008 here.

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