Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Athlete Interviews from SnowboardSecrets.TV


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2/15/10 Seth Westcott has Flexmeter Wrist Guards

In This Issue
Lauren is on a "radio tour" explaining Snowboarding in the Olympics and
Twifties and has been on 10 big radio shows in the last 2 weeks! List of shows and
clips here.

Olympic Athlete Interviews
We've got'em

Tonight is Snowboard Cross (Boardercross) at the Olympics.

This season we interviewed Snowboardcross/Boardercross athletes
Seth Wescott and Nick Baumgartner.
See what they told us about themselves in their word interviews at www.SnowboardProfiles.com.

See the video interview we did of Seth Wescott - find out about the secret tree stashes at Sugarloaf, and what Seth uses for Olympic brilliance on his teeth!

See the video we did of snowboard athlete and Olympic announcer Todd Richards here.

Torah Bright will compete in the Olympic women's halfpipe Thursday night and has an excellent chance at the podium. See our interview with Torah Bright right after she won the 2009 US Open here.

Shaun White looks good for the men's halfpipe podium for Wed., as long as he isn't too literally bent out of shape from his crash at the X Games. See our summer interview with Shaun White at the Tribeca Film Festival a few years back in NYC.

Torstein Horgmo and Jenny Jones were winners of the Dew Tour at Mount Snow 2 weeks ago. We've got the interviews here!

Shaun White trained in a private secret halfpipe last spring at Silverton, CO. Have you seen the videos? See 'em here!

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Thanks for reading the Snowboard Szine!
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