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Flexmeter Wrist Guards, Letters from Customers

Flexmeter Wrist Guards, Letters from Customers

As the sole importer and distributor of Flexmeter Wrist Guards and Gloves for snowboarding and other sports, I receive hundreds of letters from customers and soon to be customers. The injury letters written by people who were not wearing wrist protection and are now ready to start are heart-wrenching and I have decided to share them.

And fortunately, a lot of the letters are from happy Flexmeter and Azzpadz Tailbone Protector customers, so they will lighten up the mix. Some are far away! Read on!

and www.SnowboardSecrets.com
and SnowboardSecrets.TV

Dear Lauren,
     My son Jake is an avid snowboarder and a very active kid in general. He is almost eighteen years old and has broken nine bones in his life so far. However, he has been wearing flexmeter wrist protecting gloves for about five, maybe six years now and has never and I repeat never had a wrist problem since wearing them. He will sometime do a jump as high as thirty to thirty five feet and has at times taken falls and never hurt his wrists. He is amazed at the protection the flexmeters give him. It has really made a difference in how he feels when he snowboards. He just feels better when he wears them. Also, dealing with your company has been a real pleasure. We feel that someone really cares about the safety of snowboarders and skiers in general and the service has been amazing! Thanks for all of your help.

Billy Weber

Lauren, I LOVE the gloves. Am returning the unused wrist guards to you for credit. Thank you again! TP, 2/23/11

 Tell you what those guards are awesome!  I could hardly feel them when  I had them on!  Definately a must for park riders! I couldn't imagine
 riding without wearing these!

Thanks again!
Russ 1/8/10
Hi Lauren,

I recently ordered a pair of flexmeter single wrist guards (size medium) from snowboardsecrets.com and I love them! I feel so much more confident as a beginner snowboarder with these wrist guards!

Unfortunately, during my second time using them, I lost one of the guards (the lefthand one). I was wondering if there is anyway I can purchase just one replacement guard?

Thank you,

Good day, how much will be the shipping cost for the Flexmeter All Season Wrist Guards with dorsal splint AND light palm protection (medium) specifically in Cebu City, Philippines and how many estimated days will it arrive?
Can I use these while wearing a sliding glove while I longboard??
-V.S., 2.22.11
I am currently writing you with a recently repaired broken wrist (4 days ago pins and a plate) from a snowboarding accident.  I did not even realize there were wrist guards but now i do and have placed an order for the flexmeter guards and the azzguards as I fell ALOT on my tailbone too!  I plan on getting back on my board as soon as ai can but are there any other body protectors (besides a helmet) that you reccommend for a newbie so I don"t end up in this predeicament again?  Thanks for your help.

A. 2.2.11
awesome, thank you Lauren!   I don't recall the Fed Ex email but it might have slipped into my junk email folder.

I'm gonna be safer on the mountain this time, with these wrist guards in place. 

Bill 1.11.11
That is more than fair.. I swear by the gloves and am excited about having a 2nd pair now!  I just .sent you a payment of $xx  through PayPal..The pair of Large gloves I use are a perfect fit.
R.S. 1.4.11 
I can't tell you how happy we are with the Flexmeter wrist guards.  This is my son's second pair because he grew out of his first set.  I never get any complaints from him about wearing them because they fit right under his snowboard gloves.  So many of his friends have broken their wrists snowboarding, but, it's worth the price for a little piece of mind to know that, in the long run, I'm going to save a lot of money on medical costs, due to a broken wrist.
Thanks again for your great service.
S.H. 11.29.11
Hi ya

Need another AZZPADZ Large...will pay pal next week...$56US plua how much for (slow) delivery..I think it was $9 extra last time.Just need total........... I bought a pair off you awhile back and there  great..THX

D D 8/1/10
Hey Lauren,

Just wanted to let you know I received the tailbone protector today and test drove it. Very happy with it and how quickly it arrived here. Many more ass falls to be had and survived thanks to you.
Thanks Lauren I look forward to using it and not being scared of falling on my ass anymore. Maybe ill sell my snowboard and just ride that down!

Ryan 7/20/10
  Thanks again and am very very excited about these guards as I do have smaller wrists and the additional protection these look to afford is worth every penny to me so long as they hold up a few seasons and also like that I may have no need of the Brace>Cinch>Glove>Cinch and vice verse tango of gloves and guards anymore. I am also hyper mobile and the flexibility of this product has me giddy with excitement due to braces, guards and protective gear in general commonly restricting my movement a great deal, causing me to move abnormally and at times can even become painful (making wearing safety protection in the first place a discouraging prospect so as bad as it might sound the flexibility was one of the key selling points for me, the other was the professional, friendly assistance you offered concerning my purchase). Again, thanks very much for your time and hope to see you and your family (you said your husband was like 6' 7"? yeesh way to make me feel even shorter. haha) on the slopes.
Live, Learn, Laugh and Love,

Steven 7/13/10
You have a great product.
SF, CA 1/10
Yes I got them and they're great.Thank you Lauren.
N.M. 1/25/10
Thank you so much for your effort and attention.
I will send back the one pair of large guards.  
My older son wore the other pair and said they didn't bother him at all while he was snowboarding.
What outstanding service!
You really have gone above and beyond.
I am really impressed!
Thanks so much 

L. A. 1/14/10

Thanks again for all the work over christmas.  There are not many
people who would have worked as hard to help so Thanks!   I have
talked to the facility manager here and everyone is keeping an eye out
for the fedex guy on Monday.   Have you gotten a tracking number from
this order?

Thanks again,
Russ 12/26/09

 I received the Large Flexmeter gloves.  Thank you so much.  He leaves
Friday and will be having a fun, SAFE time snowboarding this weekend  at
Wolf Creek!!!!  I did not find a return envelope in the package for  me to
return the Mediums.  Thank you again for making sure he had them  for his trip!
LC 1/14/10
This is a new order.  We are pleased with the first order and like the comfort and quality of the wristguard.
 Thanks, - K 12.20/09
You did have a pair of mediums in stock that I bought right after I sent
my initial email.  I've received them and got back on the ice shortly
after that and they are working well - falling doesn't even bother me.

 Thanks for following up!

Kris 10/21/09

The medium wrist guards fit best and I shipped the smalls out yesterday morning.

I got to try out my new guards last night. They were very comfortable and I felt better about skating knowing I had that extra protection.

I'm a novice skater and I hit the ice awkwardly about a month ago, and sprained my right wrist. I am stuck in a splint for another four weeks and I really don't want to re-injure it, or worse yet, have both wrists out of commission at the same time.

I hope the guards aren't put to the test too many times, but if they are, I think I'll come out of any falls much better than I did the first time. I only wish I had thought to get guards before my first session on the ice.

B. 5/13/09
    Boy, am I glad to get my Flexmeter #3s!!!  My husband and I are both Trikkers (a 3-wheeled, human-powered cambering vehicle;  see videos at www.trikketampastore.com).  Since both of us make our living typing and working on the computer, Flexmeters are mandatory protective gear in our book, right up there with helmets!  If you stop to think about it, the cost of a pair of Flexmeters is heckuva lot less than just one visit to the emergency room.
Terry Lee Gonzalez
Tampa, FL 10/20/08

Hi Lauren,
The gloves just arrived by FedEx so will be able to take them with me to London tomorrow.
Once again thank you for your amazing customer service and for caring enough about people that you have a website focusing on boarder safety.
Best regards,
Chris 3/17/08
Hi I used the gloves yestarday, I am very pleased with them, they look great, are very comftable adn they feel top quality

 d 3/10/08

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Tony from Los Angeles said...

I purchased both Level Super Pipe Pro gloves and Flexmeter gloves with DOUBLE wrist protection (palm and dorsal side) at about the same time. I never got around to regularly using the Flexmeter gloves. Instead, I was mostly using my Level gloves.

Both gloves were highly recommended to me as the best gloves available for support, and I agree that both are very good gloves. Unfortunately, about 3 months ago, I fractured my wrist while wearing the Level gloves. I brought both gloves into my orthopaedic surgeon to ask his opinion about them, and he told me that the Flexmeter gloves clearly gave more support, and that I may have not fractured my wrist if I had been wearing the Flexmeter gloves (because of more support in the wrist area). My wrist has healed, and now I only wear my Flexmeter gloves.

Tony (5/3/2012)