Monday, March 14, 2011

US Open 2011 Snowboarding Championships VIDEOS posted!

We're back from the US Open Snowboarding Championships this weekend, and we've posted EIGHT videos of our adventures there.
You can see them on www.SnowboardSecrets.TV and it would be great if you can check out one or more. Our videos are currently among the highest ranking ones for the Open this year (and last) and we're trying to stay up their in the rankings by having lots of happy viewers like you! And if you like them, please spread the word! THANKS! Lauren
Our favorite of the videos is the absurd sounding "Excuse me, R U Danny Davis?? @ US Open Snowboard 2011  It's just 28 seconds, but Danny's kind friendly smile just caught me off guard and I couldn't think of anything else to say!
This video "pre-cap" takes us through Friday at the Burton US Open Snowboarding Championship 2011 at Stratton Mountain, VT. We meet Slopestyle Winners Eric Willet and Jamie Anderson for a chat before their contests. Luke Haddock, Ulrik Badertscher, Yale Cousino, and Sondre Tiller say a few words. We have a word with Slopestyle men's winners Mark McMorris, Chas Guldemond and near winner Jason Dubois as well as ladies winners Enni Rukajarvi and Silje Norendal. New " voice of the US Open" John Weaver tells us how he got his gig in the longer interview version. Lauren asks the mustachioed man the absurd question of the day "Are you Danny Davis?" and ... he is! We check out the rail jam set-up by daylight and "The Jam" action outdoors and in after dark. Then it's blacklight and dancing at the Burton Rider's Party. Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV.

Saturday at the US Open. See what happened besides the main halfpipe comp! A glimpse of Kazu Kohibo's unheard of victory lap down the MIDDLE of the halfpipe. Junior Jam practice. A drum circle in the red Burton tent. American Flatbread Company's yummy pizza and Smoking Bowls brings the soup shack to the slope. OP - aka Chris Toupence tours us around his 2012 Turbine Boardwear jacket in sunny lemon and lime and DaKine gloves.He drops hints about upcoming projects Haywire and American Snowboard Training Center - ASTC.And we dip into the show by The Sound onstage. Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV.

US Open Snowboard Championship Slopestyle Battle 2011 - Willet vs. McMorris Eric Willet and Mark McMorris battle it out in the last runs of the Slopestyle. Before that Eric Willet gives us the low-down on the next day's upcomng US Open Slopestyle Comp and gives a shout out to his home mountain of Breckenridge, CO. This summer he plans to swing through Windell's, Camp of Champions, and hopefully New Zealand. He's on an Omatic Snowboard and got his start competing in USASA. Mark McMorris has been riding for Burton since October and stunned the world last week by landing the first backside triple cork 1440 trick at a TransWorld Snowboarding shoot, called "The Park Session," at Snowmass, Colo., on March 2, 2011. More at Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV.

Meet Michaela Davis-Meehan, Slope Styler from New Castle, Australia, who competes in the Rev Tour, Junior World Competition. European Open, and Australian Open. She rides for Billabong, K2, and Smith. Meet John Weaver, new "Voice of the US Open, who shares his secrets on the career path to announcing the Worldwide Opens. And meet local favorite and 3rd place winner in the 2011 slopestyle here, Chas Guldemond (at 3:17) Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV

Luke Haddock interviewed by Ralph C. about The Jam plan, Jason Dubois from Quebec who came in 4th in Slopestyle. Meet Slopestyle ladies winners Enni Rukajarvi and Silje Norendal, and TTR Women's overall winner Jamie Anderson, at this breakfast interview. Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV

Meet Meghan Tierney who has appeared in our video "USASA Nationals 2010 Injuries from Snowboarding Slopestyle". Also Elijah from Manchester, Mary Kay from North Bennington, Jordan, Emily, Jaf/Elliot from North Bennington, and Mr. Green Jacket. See Meghan's debut on SnowboardSecrets.TV at Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV

We show you the setup by daylight, and in action after dark. We talk to Sean Ryan, on crutches, Shaun Murphy, Chris Rotax, Brandon Reis, and Kade Madsen about the rail jam. And get an unsolicited shout out for wearing tailbone protection! Azzpadz at Video by Lauren Traub Teton exclusive for SnowboardSecrets.TV

The  videos we posted are:
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