Sunday, November 25, 2007

Snowboard Party Season Segues into Snow Season

Snowboard Party Season Wrap Up - shreddingbetty party, in Brooklyn, and the next night Boston Globe Ski and Snowboard Expo in Boston

shreddingbetty and hellz bellz threw a party in Brooklyn and
presented a private screening of
Jack Hill's 1975 movie SwitchBlade Sisters on
Nov. 15th. In this photo of "Kingpins of the NY Snowboard Industry," Kim Goldstein (l) and Jan Kodadek (r) flank Lauren of at the party. Also in attendance from the industry were Agatha Wasilewska: snowboard yoga teacher and business woman, Chris Yeaton, East Coast rep for Betty Rides, Michael A. Cohen, snowboard competition judge (see his profile at and Eric Shorter of Malbon Farms.

At the
the Boston Globe Ski & Snowboard Expo at the Bayside Expo Center, in Boston, MA November 15-18, Lauren and Chip Johnson each dropped and did 20 push-ups to win these handsome hoodies from Crotched Mountain.

Parties on Friday night were for TGR's film "Lost and Found" at the Roxy, The Main Event and Flow's party at The Place, and after-party at Good Life.

Hey, Cool Misfits Jacket at the Expo. We have the same one!!

Mike Murphy and his boys from Sportworks in
Duxbury, MA, whoop it up at the Snow Expo.

Scotty Lago's hometown boys and riding buds from Seabrooke, NH:
Shaun Martin (l.) and Andrew Bobolas race luggage carts at the Doubletree Hotel.

clockwise from top: Andrew Bobolas, Shaun Martin, Jake Zalutsky (in black) and Tim Humphreys in gray.

We bumped into Tim Humphreys in the lobby of the Doubletree in Boston. He's the 19 year old snowboarder from Basking Ridge, NJ, 2nd place winner of the recent Icer Air snowboard competition in San Francisco. He podiumed right behind the unstoppable Travis Rice.

Tim Humphreys is riding for the Flow Team and they are putting major support behind him. If you don't know his name now, by the end of this season you will!

We hung out for a while at the Smoke & Mirrors Ramp Design booth at the Expo where our friend from Waterville and Loon, Phil Matthews is now helping market ramps for skate and snow, backyard and big event. These custom ramps start at a very reasonable and underpriced $200. The stylish box with the brick face surface would be a fine addition to any set-up. Check 'em out. Visit or Call Chris Georgia at 603 369-1210.


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