Thursday, December 13, 2007

Burton Encourages Poaching the 4 All-Ski Mountains

Burton Offers $5000 reward for Best DVD of Snowboarders Riding at Off-Limits Ski Mountains: Mad River Glen, Alta, Deer Valley, and Taos

by Lauren Traub Teton
Editor SnowboardSecrets,com

Burton is offering a $5000 reward for the best video of snowboarders poaching the 4 skier-only mountains in the US. There is a fun film with music, of poachers "doing tha thang" posted on their site and on YouTube.

Make no mistake, this particular film was not made and submitted by amateurs. Burton riders Luke Mitrani, Keegan Valaika, and Yale Cousino poach Mad River Glen in VT. Jeremy Jones of Utah stars in another seg. Check it out, the whole concept is causing quite a ruckus in the media and was written up in the Boston Globe, The Burlington Free Press, Vermont Public Radio, and undoubtedly more coverage will follow. What a great publicity coup!

Personally and frankly, why would I want to ride somewhere I'm not wanted when 99% of resorts are courting my business? But it is amusing to see these snowboarders poach and to see the ski patrol get all sputtery.

Here's the YouTube link, the one on the Burton page was not working well for me when I tried.

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