Sunday, February 3, 2008

Main Event Series Stop #2, Ski Sundown, New Hartford, CT

by Wendy Zimbone with Lauren Traub Teton

The second stop of the Main Event Series, was held at Ski Sundown in New Hartford, CT, Saturday, January 19th. A 65 foot booter, inspired the field of riders onto local greatness. Josh Lempert from Snow Grind worked long and hard with the Ski Sundown’s staff to sculpt a perfect jump after. Once practice started, everyone was impressed with the level of riding that was going down. With some familiar faces, and a few fresh riders straight from the local super market, things quickly became interesting. The heavyweight riders continued to set the bar higher, hoping to win a chance to compete for the Burton US Open invite spot at the Main Event finals. The lightweight AM’s mixed it up. AM girls gave it their best shot, stomping landings left and right, trying to reach to knuckle every time.

Ideal weather and happy riders brought out the biggest spectator crowd we have ever seen for a Main Event. People gathered to watch, and cheered on from the chair lift as
Burton’s Brandon Halberstadt amped up the crowd with his sick skills on the microphone. Finals were intense, with Connecticut’s own, Teddy Lavoie (Riding for K2, Volcom, Oakley, Dekal, and Eastern Boarder) won with a back lip and backside 720. Justin Morgan continued to blow the judges away, winning the Sartorius Sports Best Trick (for the second time), with his ultra corked out, smooth as butter, cab 720 truck driver. Tess Herman, local skater from Avon and Winsted rode bravely in this, her first snowboard competition and took the win against a total field of 2 females. C’mon Connecticut girls, where r u?

After the event was over, the fun continued when all the staff stuck around. With a few
Burton versus Forum wrestling matches on the deck of the jump, everyone went riding to see all of what Ski Sundown had to offer. The night riding was off the hook. With one minor ski pole attack, an incidental visit to a Hells Angels bar and a slight run in with the police while checking out of the hotel, the trip will be remembered for sure.

If anyone reading this has never been to Ski Sundown, the time is now.
Connecticut is now our destination vacation spot for snowboard escapades. A big thank you to Jarrod Moss and all of the Ski Sundown staff, as well as the title sponsors Burton Snowboards, Flow Snowboards, Sobe Energy, Fuel TV and direct TV. Other sponsors include, Sartorius Sports, Snow Grind, Anon Optics, R.E.D., Rye Airfield, Oakley, N'East Magazine and Future Snowboarding Magazine.

Main Event
Ski Sundown Event:
Men's Pro
1st Place, Ted Lavoie, Southbury, CT
2nd Place, Brandon Honeycott, Avon, MA
3rd Place, Steven Levandowski, Burlington, CT

Men's AM
1st Place, Tyler Martel, NH
2nd Place, Sean Burns, CT
3rd Place, Kevin Court, Westford, MA

Women's AM
1st Place, Tess Herman, Winstead CT
2nd Place, Maggie Leon, West Simsbury, CT

Sartorius Sports Best Trick: With a cab 720 truck driver (again)
Justin Morgan, Antrim, NH

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