Sunday, February 3, 2008

Union Square Street Sessions Qualifier at Mountain Creek, NJ December 14, 2007

Tom Weiss Qualifies Again to Ride at Union Square Street Session

(Tom Weiss appears ever so stylish in his yellow tee and necktie (center) at the Central Park Rail Jam, 2.2006

Forty up-and-coming regional snowboarders competed under the lights at Mountain Creek’s new South terrain park on SaturdayDecember 14 for the privilege of representing at the bigtime Union Square Street Session rail jam that will go down Feb. 7 in the NYC. Mountain Creek homeboy Tom Weiss of Hampton, NJ took home the honors again this year. NBC’s cameras caught all the action and will incorporate it into their upcoming specials on the Union Square Street Sessions, where Mountain Creek will again bring the mountain to Manhattan creating custom features and trucking 18 tons of snow into the city.

The course consisted of a 35' single-barrel Down Flat Down, next to a 15' Down Handrail with a tail. Next up was a 40' Flat Down Bar and a 40' Single Barrel Down. Finishing off the course was a mini wall ride and the new skate spine. Weiss, who is 19 and rides for Burton and Oakley was also invited to compete in last year’s inaugural Street Sessions, alongside another resort familiar, Jared Baker as well as top pros including Danny Kass and Louie Vito.

left and right Photo Credit Mountain Creek/C.Vanderyajt

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