Friday, May 22, 2009

"Twifties" suddenly taking the world by Storm

The new word and concept "Twifties" is suddenly taking the world by storm. How do we know? Because the word was uttered on Saturday Night Live on April 11, 2009.

It's in the Zac Efron Monologue at the opening of the show. You can see the skit on Hulu here.

Watch from 2 min. 34 seconds to 2 minutes 40 seconds if you don't have 3 minutes and 17 seconds, but it's cute and maybe you'll just want to watch the whole seg!

Twifties are people around their 50s (and UP!) who act like they're in their 20s. Like Lauren Traub Teton, the creator of and this blog, who is also (coincidentally) the creator of the new word and concept "Twifties." Check out

Lauren is also the host and provocateur on a new TV show. If you don't live in Northern Westchester County, you'll have to check out entertaining excerpts online on Youtube at Twifties TV soon.

By the way, Lauren will be working with a hot/cool snowboard clothing line this season, modeling snowboard gear for Twifties. You can see her swaggering in her Burton Zebra stripe matching hoody and snow pants in winter 2008/09 all over SnowboardSecretsTV and specifically at the discovery of Snow Cleavage in VT here.
Which snowboard gear line will she be modeling? We're not saying yet. Just know you'll want to wear it too when you see how good it looks!

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