Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gathering of the Vibes 2009

Gathering of the Vibes 2009
by Lauren Traub Teton

Bridgeport,CT. July 25. Gathering of the Vibes summer music festival has returned to rock out Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT.
See the vid here.
Heavy rain Thursday gave way to a perfect day on Friday. Campers were packed into the 370 acre park, and hay had been thoughtfully placed over a lot of the muddy areas for easy walking. Twifties - the FUN people in their late 40s, 50s, 60s, and UP were out in full force enjoying the fest. George Clinton and P-Funk got the crowd crazy with "We Want the Funk." Musical experimentation is what the Gathering of the Vibes stages were made for, and George and his band let it fly. A female singer changed up the pace and tone, and kept dancers on their feet for the changes in direction that the music took.

Deep Banana Blackout once again reveled in being the home team on their hometown stage. Jen Durkin, lead singer and glue of DBB looked glam and svelte in her black dress and glorious thick blonde dreds. Their were hints that they might reprise their famous Zeppelin set of GOV 2006 where Jen Durkin channeled Robert Plant on the two delicious Zeppelin covers, including "Whole Lotta Love" from the Red Sky set 10 years ago. (read about the 2006 Gathering of the Vibes and see pix here.)

But since DBB always keeps it all fresh, we were treated to a Santana song from Woodstock (the first one, that is) and the crowd danced their feet off! And Jen had her sister, and her "soul sister from another mother" join her on a tribute to Merle Saunders (of the Saunders/Garcia Band and much more.) UFOs of candle-powered globes with laser lights floated over the crowd. One has to wonder what happens if one lands on a tent.

Time between bands was short. Unbelievably short, not even 5 minutes to hit the portolet or get a beer. I never thought I'd ever say "there should be more downtime between bands." moe started their set on time at 10:30 but then a serious lightning storm whipped up and the audience was told "go back to your cars" 'til it blows over."

After about 90 minutes the storm passed, and the party was back outdoors with Lettuce playing some of the best funk of the night at an intimate venue under a tent, by the seaside. This was a reunion of the band started by high schoolers in 1992 in Boston. The weather was crisp and the humidity had dropped, the dancing was intense, great party weather once again.
See the vid here.

More to come...after it happens!

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