Friday, November 19, 2010

Flow - Witness the Sickness

Witness the Sickness !!!

By Lauren Traub Teton

Everybody’s talking about the music! This season’s Flow snowboard flick doesn’t stick to the usual gangster tracks and instead offers an eclectic variety of music from jazz to Devo. It dares to be different!

A jazzy rock score and animated images over the opening credits alert us that this is not just like all the other snowboard video offerings. We strongly approve of the fact that each rider’s name appears on the screen and it’s also a cool innovation that some of the dialog is sub-titled which worked out great when we saw this film for the first time at The North Star club in Boston last week with dj dance tracks playing over the film’s soundtrack.

Jeremy Thompson has the first big role in this flick. We like his part despite (or because of?) the number of falls of his that are shown. And who knew he could speak Japanese almost well enough to meet a girl?

Brandon Reis is big in Japan and his part is irresistible because it’s done to music by Devo, playing Uncontrollable Urge. We love the double front flip. Tim Humphreys goes huge and really gets around, to Japan, Mount Snow Vermont, Hunter Mountain NY, Sun Valley ID, June Mountain, and Sierra at Tahoe, CA, apparently filming himself as he flies through a psychedelic tunnel of wind and color.

We see part of Scotty Lago’s Olympic half pipe run and see him on Jimmy Kimmel’s TV show swinging the Olympic bronze over his head as he and Jimmy discuss other places Scotty‘s medal has shown up in the media. Also, what is that broken hotel room door with the angry motel owner outside? Poor Scotty is a magnet for trouble and we love him. The whole Flow team each gets a shot or 2 in this 27 minutes. We wish there was more of Sarka Pancochova riding, and especially expounding verbally as she does in her opinionated style. See our interview with Sarka at the Winter Dew Tour 2010 at Mount Snow. And to see what went into making this film, see the short video called The Life here.

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