Friday, November 19, 2010

Snowboard Films - Sugarloaf - Big Mountain. Big Love.

Sugarloaf, The Movie - Big Mountain Big Love
by Lauren Traub Teton

Sugarloaf pride runs deep!

Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine has put out their own film this season and props and kudos to any mountain that takes on and successfully kills it like this on a project of this magnitude. We have two conclusions after watching this 21 minute video: Sugarloafers fiercely love their mountain, and if you haven’t had the Sugarloaf experience yet, you are missing something.

We learn some of the history of the mountain with lots of clips of rhythmic old school skiing and interviews. The canoe races, T-Bar, the infamous Red Stallion that had the only live rock acts in Maine at the time, and the sad (but funny) tale of anyone who tried to sleep upstairs while the band was playing. We learn that the trails are named after logging terms.

Twelve minutes in we join the modern world with the creation of Carrabasset Valley Academy in 1982 which has produced Olympians medalists in the three disciplines of freestyle, alpine skiing, and snowboarding. Seth Wescott, the two-time Olympic Gold snowboard winner in Snowboardcross shares his insights. Deep blue skies, and happy people who are proud to be Sugarloafers, is the message we carry away and that makes us want to make the long trek up to Sugarloaf for the first time ever, this season.

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