Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2010 Winter Dew Tour Breckenridge – Snowboarding

2010 Winter Dew Tour Recap – Snowboarding

By Jackie Williams

The Nike 6.0 Winter Dew Tour finished up this past weekend in Breckenridge, Colorado with some awesome highlights. First, riders got to compete on Breck’s brand new 22-ft Superpipe. All of the athletes I talked to were super stoked about it; it enabled them to progress as riders and to be able to throw harder tricks. Another highlight is Jamie Anderson’s fifth 1st place win in the Winter Dew Tour, first in the contest’s history. Everyone welcomed back Kevin Pearce, who was there to cheer on all the riders. He seemed the most excited to be there, making it the first competition he’s gone to since his accident last year before the Olympics.

For anyone not in the competition, they were enjoying the huge amount of powder that was falling all weekend. For those who were competing, it just meant a little frustration. All the fresh snow made the Superpipe super slow. But crowd favorite, Louie Vito dominated the Superpipe Finals and received a score of 90.25, while Queralt Castellet won the women’s Finals with her barrage of back 3, front 9, back 3 grab, front 5, back 5 and front 7.



1. Queralt Castellet 85.25

2. Elena Hight 80.50

3. Kaitlyn Farrington 74.25


1. Louie Vito 90.25

2. Matt Ladley 75.00

3. Greg Bretz 73.75

The next day was the Snowboard Slopestyle Finals, along with more snow. Riders had to choose which drops, rails, and jumps they’d work for the best score. Slopestyle is the event to watch and really see the riders’ skills, from double cork 10s, backside 9s, you name it. They just come hurling themselves over these huge jumps like it’s nothing. When you’re there you really see how amazing and crazy they are. The talent is getting better and younger every day. Makes you want to step up your game after seeing what these teenagers can do!



1. Jamie Anderson 93.00

2. Charlotte Van Gils 84.50

3. Cheryl Maas 70.00


1. Torstein Horgmo 96.50

2. Mark McMorris 93.75

3. Chas Guldemond 88.50

Next stop for the Winter Dew Tour will be Killington, Vermont, January 20-23 and then finishing up the series in Ogden, Utah February 10-13.

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