Monday, January 23, 2012

Flexmeter Double Splint Gloves ordered from the Other Company


I am writing the email to request to purchase the Double Sided Flexmeter Snowboard Gloves in size large. I ordered a pair of these gloves from ___ last week in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Colorado for which I leave on Friday of this week. (i previously had seirus cranium gloves).

Needless to say, ___ sent me the single sided gloves instead. My initial conversation with ___ didn't even want to send me out the correct gloves the same 2 day fed ex for which I initially paid for to have the gloves in by me leaving for my trip. Two phone calls later and ___ offered me nothing more than the ability to return them since they did not have the double sided gloves in stock....saying they were on back order (even though they charged my amex, sent the single sided ones to me and gave me some half dumbfounded excuse 4 days prior to leaving on my trip leaving me without gloves. Some questionable "supervisor" almost mocked me when I asked to have the manager call me the next day.

Extremely poor customer service for a company, in my humble opinion who completely in the first place messed up the order. Needless to say probably will not be using that company again....and I would hate to have my product being distributed by this company or any representative of this company.

I rarely write about companies service but I felt that this probably needed to be addressed to the people who make/own the company who promote this product so they could see what a awful job ___ does with their product.

In summary, I really need a pair of these gloves (double sided flexmeter size large) prior to me snowboarding in colorado (my job doesn't give me the ability to have a broken wrist). If there was anyway I could purchase them from your company feel free to contact me.

JL, M.D.
Tampa, FL

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