Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flexmeter Wrist Guard Testimonial from Colorado

"These are the only wrist guards that I trust, and I will not ride without them."
Doug's Left Arm X-Ray

Doug's Right Arm X-Ray
Was great talking to you this afternoon! As discussed, I work for Vail 
Resorts with the on-mountain marketing team, both at Vail and at 
Beaver Creek. My team is on the snow every day interacting with 
hundreds of guests, and more importantly, doing lots of snowboarding. 
At your earliest convenience, please send me a link to a flexmeter 
proform, so that I can replace my old flexmeters, and continue 
to tell our guests that these wrist guards are simply the best.

These wrist guards really are amazing. Two years ago I had a bad wreck 
on my snowboard. I was actually wearing some other wrist guards at the 
time, still managed to fracture / dislocate both of my wrists. All it 
took to get me back on the snow was two titanium plates, 26 screws, 
lots of PT, and some determination. Almost two years later, I am still 
riding just as hard, 100+ days a season, with much thanks due to 
flexmeter wrist guards. These are the only wrist guards that I trust, 
and I will not ride without them.

What really makes the gloves so awesome for flexmeters is the super 
wide palm / hand area that allows the wrist guard to slide into the 
glove easily. The best way I can describe it is a super dexterous 
glove with fingers from a size M and hand area from a size XL. 

Also check out my sweet x- ray shots!

Thanks so much,
Looking forward to hearing back!

Doug A.
Vail and Beaver Creek, CO


If you are a snowboard instructor or snowboard professional ask about our Flexmeter Pro-Form!
Write me at

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